The Testimony Of Our Lives

This morning as I read a blog by @greatestislove entitled Daily Bible Verse: Ephesians 6:7-8 "Living Example", I recalled a song by Steven Curtis Chapman entitled "Do Everything".

We can stand before thousands preaching the Word of God. We can go to seminary, debate with the greatest theologians and go round and round with others about doctrine. We can use all sorts of fancy terms but these things pale when compared to how we live our lives each day.

It is "the little things" which are a true indicator of a changed individual who follows Christ. The little and often mundane things. That, my friends, is the greatest proof to the world that Jesus Christ is who we profess Him to be. That is the reason so many reject Christianity. When they look at our lives, they don't see the proof. :cry:

May we daily reflect upon our lives and give God the glory in every little thing we do!


Even on those tough days when it seems that the kids are fighting more, I can't seem to get anything done. Or when I start to get the [i]poor me's[/i] this song will come into my head. It helps me overcome those tough days.

In His Love,

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