The Trumpet God Hears

The woman made her way through the crowded city streets. Jerusalem was always crowded but never much so as during the time of The Passover. Not only did people come from the surrounding area; they came from around the world. Most of course were Jews who came to Jerusalem to celebrate this time of remembrance, this time when their ancestors were set free from the bondage of slavery and death passed over those who were living under the blood of the lamb.

The crowd thickened, if that were possible, as she approached the Temple. Even before she reached the Court of Women, she could hear the ring of the trumpets. These trumpets were not horns which were played by musicians. Rather, they were thirteen vessels which had bell-shaped openings, like that of a horn, into which people threw their offerings. When the coins were thrown in, they made a ringing sound. The more coins you had and the harder you threw them, the more noise you would make.

She could see the vessels now. She could see people drawing back their arms and flinging coins into the vessels with all of their might. Whose ring would be the loudest?

As she stood in line, she fingered her carefully wrapped coins. Oh, how she wished she had a bag full of gold coins! Oh, life was hard, so very hard at times but God was good! There were times she did not know what she would do or even if she would have a bite to eat but somehow God always provided. She wanted to give something back to Him.

Listening to the trumpets, she shifted uncomfortably. There would be no trumpets when she tossed in her two small coins. They were too insignificant. No one would hear them above all the noise and even if there happened to be silence at that very moment, they were just too insignificant to hear.

What would people think of her daring to put in such a small gift? They might even whisper amongst themselves that she was a greedy, selfish woman who wished to keep all for herself. Oh, that was not true! How she longed to give me but... this was all she had. She had kept nothing back for herself. God would simply have to keep providing for her or she would die.

Quietly she slipped the coins into the trumpet. Perhaps no one would notice. Even if they did, there was no help for it for that was all she had.

Someone did notice her that day and that someone was Jesus. Not only did He notice her but He drew the attention of others upon her as well and this is what He had to say:

No one remembers who tried to make the loudest sound on the trumpets on that day so long ago. However, millions of people around the world today remember the person who succeeded on that day. We don't know her name, how old she was, where she lived or even whether or not she had any close family. It was an obscure woman, whose trumpet was heard by Jesus. A woman who gave all that she had.


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Isn't it absolutely incredible that the God who made the universe cares about us and our needs, hurts and fears!!

Thank you so much dear sis for sharing..

Love Tina :flower: