The Wrong Treatment

My daughter-in-law has been suffering with chronic pain for a few years. She always thought it was going to get better but it didn't. It grew worse. Finally, 14 months ago, in desperation she went to the doctor. He listened to her symptoms and without any sort of lab work, he diagnosed her as having fibromyalgia.

Since that time, she has been on several medications but they didn't do much good. In fact, things deteriorated even more. She is only 26 years old but was completely exhausted all of the time. The stress of it all was beginning to take it's toll on her.

My son and his wife lived in a small farming community, in eastern Nebraska. There weren't many options available in regards to medical specialists. When they moved to the Twin Cities last summer, they hoped that they might get some answers because obviously the prescribed treatment was not working.

Last month she saw a new doctor who was rather concerned that a diagnosis had been made before other things had been ruled out. Yes, fibromyalgia does cause chronic pain... but so do a lot of other things. This doctor gave the orders for extensive testing to be done. When he got the results back, he found something interesting. My daughter-in-law had severe anemia and inflammation.
He immediately put her on heavy dosages of iron for the next 30 days.

Within just a few days, my daughter-in-law started to notice something. She didn't hurt so much. She stopped taking a nap when she got home from work. She wasn't sleeping as much at night (she was sleeping more than 10 hours a night plus taking an afternoon nap) but when she awakened in the morning, she felt rested and energized.

Everyone around her noticed a difference. There was excitement in her voice. She seemed vibrant and joyful. Hmm...

A couple of days ago she went back in for tests and now, her iron levels are back to normal and the inflammation has definitely decreased. In fact, things had progressed so dramatically that it has been noted in her records that the previous diagnosis was wrong and she does NOT have fibromyalgia. She will, however, have to probably be on iron supplements for the rest of her life as it seems this is an inherited condition. She says she can live with that.

I have some friends who have fibromyalgia and they take the same medication which my daughter-in-law had been on. It works wonders for them. Why? Because they have fibromyalgia. In my daughter-in-law's case, the medication was not working and in fact, her condition was getting worse. It was simply the wrong treatment for her condition.

We are all born with an inherited spiritual condition called sin. We all know that something is not quite with us. Often we can't quite put our finger on it but we all know it is there. We just usually don't like to talk about it.

The "experts" will attempt to explain our problem as being something else or they will try to tell us it is all in our head. We're really okay. We attempt to treat the problem various ways. Sometimes we try to ignore it. Most of the time we try to deaden the pain by filling our lives with the pleasures of this world but when the music fades, when everyone goes home and we are left alone, when the lights go out, the pain comes to the surface with a vengeance.

We try to blame that pain on a lot of different things but in reality that problem is sin and there is only one treatment for sin. The blood of The Lamb.


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I remember when you told me that the Doctors thought the diagnosis was maybe not quite right. I am so pleased to hear that this new treatment plan is working so well for her.

And you are so right about there being only one treatment for sin.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

You are right dear k :princess:

Glad to know that your daughter in law is fine n well now. :dance:

Love Tina :flower:

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