The Years They Pass So Quickly

I only have one child. There are times when he hated being an only child. Not due to loneliness for my son Daniel can decide to have a few people over for dinner at 2 to in the afternoon and 20 people show up at 7. It seems like he is always gathering groups of people together. The reason he hated being an only child was because he didn't have any siblings to distract me from what he was doing. :mrgreen:

There was the time that we sat down to dinner one night. It was just after Daniel's fifth birthday. We were sitting at the table chatting when my husband suddenly let out a gasp. Alarmed, I asked him what was wrong. He couldn't speak. He could only point. I turned to look and there, stuck to the ceiling was... a piece of frosted cake left over from his party.

Two pairs of eyes turned to look at Daniel. He looked at us. We looked back up at the cake. Daniel looked at the cake. We looked back at him. He calmly informed us that our dog put it up there. While Daniel can be a pretty convincing actor, he is not that good. He looked at his dad and then me and realized very quickly that we weren't convinced. He let out a sigh and said, "I wish I had brothers and sisters so I could blame it on them!"

I thought we were going to have until the end of May to say goodbye... :cry:

An unexpected job offer down in Nebraska where his fiance is teaching and an invitation from a family at her church for him to stay with them until the time of his wedding the end of May has caused the move to be bumped up to...this Saturday. A friend offered to buy his car. The school where his future wife teaches is only two blocks from their apartment so they decided to be a one car family for now at least.

He could have taken the bus to Nebraska but I offered to drive him there instead. It will give us some time... there is precious little time but I am thankful that we will have it.

Six hours away isn't so bad for a K :princess: It's not bad at all but it is different from living in the area. Who knows if he will ever live in the area again... and he is my only son; my only child. A part of me is sad.

So, right now I am remembering a starry-eyed bride who nearly 29 years ago, eagerly helped her new husband pack all of their worldly possession into a little trailer. They were returning to their college which was 1,100 away. She was so excited she could hardly sleep that night. At 4:30 a.m. she climbed into the car next to her husband and off they went on the great adventure which has not yet ended... it seems like it has only begun.

In November 1984, when I was only nine weeks pregnant, my doctor advised me to have an abortion due to very severe morning sickness which they could not control. I was hospitalized at the time for I had become so ill, I had developed a tear in my stomach and had some internal bleeding. I told him no and decided to put my baby's life and my life, in God's hands. Less than seven months later, I held a healthy baby boy in my arms and the doctor who demanded I have the abortion (the doctor I had switched to was on vacation of course) looked at the two of us and snapped, "Well I guess I was wrong!" LOL!

It seems like it was just yesterday when I held my baby boy in my arms. On Saturday, I will hold him in my arms again, no longer a baby, no longer a child but a man. A man with hopes and dreams who is on the threshold of starting a family of his own. A man who I pray will continue to follow God all the days of his life.


K :princess:

Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

Oh, k.. :flower:

how time flies so fast, isn't it?
and Change... indeed, is inevitable.
i realized, as i was reading your blog, that aside from GOD who doesn't change, a mother's love for her child doesn't change as well.
if it does.. it just grows everyday. :)

thank you for sharing this with us.
i have learned a great deal from all the blogs that you have posted, that i have read.
and my heart had indeed been blessed.

after graduating in college just recently, i am glad that as the new chapter of my life begins, i have met godly people who had shared godly counsel that i know I would be needing every step of the way.


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