Then Comes The Spring

As I read a blog this morning by  John Knox (John Knox (@watchmanjohn))  entitled  Do Not Shrink Back, I thought about Spring. 

Now you have to understand that here in Minnesota, we "think" about Spring differently than most people. Oh, I am not saying that people do not look forward to it but when you face snow, ice, wind and dangerous, really dangerous temperatures for months rather than days or weeks, your desire for Spring is even more heightened.

This morning, it is currently C-21°|F-6°. The windchill is C-32°|F-26° and there is a windchill advisory out until noon. We're talking about "exposed skin is in danger of frostbite and you are in danger of getting hypothermia if you are not careful" kind of cold. Oh well. This really is quite typical in my neck of the woods and it has definitely been far worse! You simply heed the warnings and take the necessary precautions.

 Spring in Minnesota typically does not arrive when the calendar says it arrives. At least it doesn't feel or look like Spring. My husband grew up in Southern Indiana and over the years it has become quite clear that our definition of a "fine Spring day" are not the same. He calls my Spring days, "Winter". 

Minnesotans think about Spring a lot. In fact, I believe it is safe to say that we obscess over it. Right after Christmas we begin to encourage one another by brightly saying, "Spring is just around the corner" or "Spring will be here before you know it." The moment our the sun comes out and the temperature tops C-18°|F0° everyone dashes outside to enjoy the "thaw" and assure one another that it won't be long now. We eagerly search for the slightest sign that winter is not going to last forever and indeed there are signs.

Over the past few days, the squirrels have become more active as have the birds who are wintering here. Though the days are cold and my house is blanketed with snow, the days are definitely getting longer and the nights are becoming shorter. It is still cold. It is still snowy but... Spring is coming, even if it is not here at the moment.

In his blog,  John Knox (John Knox (@watchmanjohn)) wrote:

Presently we are in the 11th month, the month of Sh'vat which means in Jewish tradition the month that the sap arises in the trees.  It is therefore the beginning of new life emerging from the barrenness of the cold and dry season.  This is the time of the rains and new life ready to blossom out.

Perhaps you are in a barren, cold, dry season. Everywhere you look, you see nothing but a cold, barren, dead-looking land. Occasionally you might see a bit of stirring, a note or two of a song or a glimpse of light through the clouds. You may even feel a moment or two of warmth but those moments, if you have them, are fleeting and do not happen often.  Take it from a "Minnesota Girl". Winter does not last forever. Why? Because God has promised us it won't. (Isaiah 35).

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was good. Amen

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

nice.. looking forward for the spring.. thank u..

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