There Is No Charge

I could hear the noise from my basement all the way upstairs. I could not ignore it any longer. Though my dryer was heating up something was definitely wrong. I either had to get it repaired or replace it. While it would be nice to have a new one or a used one that was less than 10 years old, realistically speaking, we can't afford that sort of luxury at the moment. Truthfully, the only new large appliance I have ever owned is a dishwasher I replaced in 2009.

Resources are rather limited since my husband and myself are not working. Buying a new appliance was simply out of the question and so were used appliances from a dealer. I perused Craig's List looking for something affordable but realized that even with a bargain, I would still have to pay $20.00 to $40.00 to dispose of my old dryer and rent a vehicle to haul the "new dryer" and haul away the old one. Unless of course, I wanted the old one picked up for $25.00. Sigh...

Perhaps my old dryer could be repaired but I also realized that we are talking about a 23 year old dryer here. There does come a time when even the most faithful of old appliances wear out. I feared this might be the case this time but since it would cost me nothing to have someone from the gas company come out and look at it, I made the appointment and looked at ads for dryers.

The night before the repairman was scheduled to come, we even went out and looked at a washer and dryer set someone was selling for $180.00. They were getting rid of them because they had come with the house they had just purchased and they didn't need them. They had no idea how old they were but I had my suspicions. They too were probably more than 20 years old. Sigh... we would think about it. In the back of our minds my husband and I were hoping there would be good news the next day.

As I escorted the repairman from the gas company to the utility room where my sick dryer lay, I began to try to describe "The Noise". Now most men usually give women a blank stare at this point but apparently this man was well-educated in that he understood "Womanese". Much to my relief, he did not need a translator. His face brightened immediately and he perfectly described what I was hearing without my even having to turn on the dryer.

He also reassured me that my dryer's "affliction" was not terminal. The problem could be treated and my dryer would be back to it's old self in no time. :dance:

Within a very short time, I was handed an itemized bill. The replacement part for $40.00 and the labor was $120.00 for a subtotal of $160.00. Under that were those beautiful words which we all love to see:


My local gas company has an excellent service and repair plan called Service Plus which covers all of my gas and electrical appliances including my central air conditioner, gas furnace, gas water heater and gas fireplace. There was no charge because I pay a fee each month to participate in this plan.

Without Christ, we were broken and in need of repair. However, unlike my Service Plus Plan, we were unable to "pay" anything. The price was too great. Jesus Christ paid the price required to fix us and on our "bill", these words are written in the precious blood of the Lamb of God:



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Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

I really like this blog! A simple but profound message. Thanks :)