They're Coming! They're Coming!

Today is my last day to prepare for the first day of school. Finally, I have a day with NO meetings and I can concentrate 100% on getting ready. I must confess, I learned a long time ago that while I am not actually ADHD, I do have um... ADHD tendencies in other words, I am borderline. This means it is very easy for me to get distracted and it is far too easy for me to turn into the Queen of Procrastination.

That being said, no matter how much I procrastinate, I cannot stop the inevitable from happening. Ready or not, tomorrow is the first day of school Ready or not, 27 six and seven year olds, more or less, will traipse into my classroom whether I'm ready or not. Except for a 55 minute prep and a 30 minute lunch/recess, I will be the only adult in a room with them from about 9:30 a.m. until I take them out to the bus at 3:45 p.m. This scenario will repeat itself approximately five times a week until mid-June with a few breaks here and there. I'd better be ready!

I can't help but think about this in terms to the second coming of Christ. To those who believe it will not happen or has already happened, I can only say, you'd better make sure you are right in your assumption because if you're not... well then... it will happen whether you believe it or not. Just like my students will come whether I'm ready for them or not.

I also started thinking about how much time I spend preparing for the first day of school. I have to ask myself this question. Am I putting forth the same effort in regards to being ready for Christ's return? Am I busy making preparations to stand before the King? I have to tell you, this is a pretty sobering thought. I don't want to stand ashamed before my Savior and King. I want to be ready!


K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Great analogy, as usual, coming from someone who has firsthand understanding of the need to prepare or face the consequences. I cannot even imagine what would happen if you blew off your prep work and just waltzed into the classroom when the kids showed up and expected to be able to teach them and abide by all the rules and policies in place. NOT.

Thanks for something to chew on for awhile today.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·




These kids will be blessed.

chewing along w/B2Y


Art :reading:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Oh K :princess: you just had to ask "Am I putting forth the same effort in regards to being ready for Christ's return" didn't you. Now I'm forced to ask myself -do I do what I do for God with the same zeal that I do those other things I love doing. I could get very detailed here on that subject -but then it would become a blog within a blog -- so I'll just say.

Happy Days Ahead -here come the kiddies :dance:


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