This Is A Test

Blogger's Note: The quote you are about to read was written a few days ago when we were experiencing technical difficulties. I stumbled across this unpublished blog, complete with it's title and it inspired me to transform this "test blog" into something else.

I've heard from a couple of people that they have been unable to post blogs. So, I am writing this "blog" as a test to see what happens when I try to post one. I know I usually have quite a bit to say and have written a number of blogs but you know... I am not prepared with one this morning. This is why I am just rambling on and on and on, trying to get my 150 words in. Hm... I am at 86 oops, 88 now. Oh there I am at 95. Oh... it just changed over. Hooray! I am now past 100. I am at 110 to be exact. Oops... now it is 118. Sigh... it just changed over when I added that period. Wait... I may almost be there. Hmmm... 136. What IS it about those periods! I keep rolling over when I add a period and now I am done at 158 no 160 no 162 words. 164. 166.

The above quote was a "test blog" I wrote a while back when some people asked me if I was having trouble posting blogs. I didn't know so in order to learn about what was happening, I wrote this rambling little blog.

Today, as I was looking at my blog log, I got to thinking about how we sometimes want to "test-drive" Christianity. We think that we will test the water, try a few things and see if it is something we want to do. If we like it, we will jump in. If we don't... well... we didn't invest anything in it so we can just simply walk away, no harm done.

In my test blog, I had one goal. Write 150 words so that I could try to see if the blog would post. That was it. There was no message, nothing profound. It was just something random. It was just words on a page... er... screen.

Christianity is not a test-drive! It is not something we can try out and just move on to the next thing if we don't like it! It is not like a garment we can pull out of the closet and wear when we feel like it or put on a shelf when we don't want to display it. Christianity requires us to jump in and be fully immersed in it and saturated by it.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells the story of the ten virgins. All ten of them were in the appointed place. All of them appeared to be ready to meet the bridegroom when he came. All ten of them even had lamps! Outwardly they all appeared ready but they weren't. Five were not ready for the bridegroom for they did not have enough oil in their lamps. They had no choice but to go out and try to purchase some and as a result, they missed the coming of the bridegroom.

In his commentary on the book of Matthew, Matthew Henry writes:

As Christians we profess to attend upon Christ, to honour him, also to be waiting for his coming. Sincere Christians are the wise virgins, and hypocrites the foolish ones. Those are the truly wise or foolish that are so in the affairs of their souls. Many have a lamp of profession in their hands, but have not, in their hearts, sound knowledge and settled resolution, which are needed to carry them through the services and trials of the present state. Their hearts are not stored with holy dispositions, by the new-creating Spirit of God. Our light must shine before men in good works; but this is not likely to be long done, unless there is a fixed, active principle in the heart, of faith in Christ, and love to God and our brethren.

We must always remember that our Christian walk is not a test (drill), this is real.


K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister K , I feel that even if anyone wants to test drive God, God will pass with flying colours. He will remain the same, yesterday today and forever, test-drive or no test drive. [img][/img] He is always the same, the unchanging God, the Eternal Father, the God of all ages. Amen

Blessings always

From Hwa [img][/img] Silverpen