This Princess Is Wearing Boxing Gloves

Wham! It hit me just the other day while I was in the middle of making lunch. I started to shake and cried out to my Father immediately. I stopped shaking and sent out an alert for prayer. Just the very act of crying out to the Father and requesting prayer (calling for reinforcements) caused Fear to go spinning down to the ground and sent him scrambling from the ring. God is bigger than fear.

Earlier this week, I sent an email to Nicole Johnson who does a piece called Stepping Into The Ring. It's about a woman who is dealing with breast cancer. You can view it at

if you have not seen it.

I had seen Nicole Johnson at Women of Faith two weeks ago. On an impulse, I sent off an email just letting her know how much her piece had ministered to me last spring while I was going through chemo. I still love to re-visit it and share it with other survivors. I never expected to get a response. To my amazement, I got a response the very next day. Not from her of course, she's traveling right now. However, I got it from her assistant. That in itself was amazing.

Yesterday, I got thrown for a loop. At the end of the school day, one of my co-workers (whose also been one of my supporters in prayer) and a substitute teacher I know pretty well, were walking back into the building with me after bus duty. The substitute teacher had seen me a few times this past school year but really hadn't had a chance to talk to me since I'd finished treatment. Somehow the conversation got onto my prognosis and without thinking, I let the statistics slip out. Oops. I didn't mean to do that. While I know what they look like in regards to recurrence, I usually don't let them out. People hear of no lymph node involvement and smile. "Oh, so you're cured." Well, it's not as simple as that. Let's just say that even with no involvement, chemo and radiation the odds of recurrence are quite still pretty high. They're better but I'm nowhere near the 10% risk so many women have today.

As soon a number slid off my tongue I could have smacked myself. They froze in their tracks. I tried to laugh it off and said something about being cancer-free right now. I assured them it was entirely possible to remain that way for the rest of my life also. They relaxed a bit and we moved on. I couldn't quite shake their initial expressions, however.

When I got home, a package had arrived for me. It was from Nicole Johnson's ministry, Fresh Brewed Life. Inside the package, amongst other things was a tiny pair of pink, yes pink, boxing gloves. On them is the word EVERLAST. "Of course," said my husband, "Everlast Boxing Gloves". I smiled to myself. That's what he thinks. I prefer it to mean my boxing gloves are eternal. There is nothing which can penetrate them as they were given to me by God himself.

I carefully twisted my boxing gloves together and hung them on my computer monitor. I took the white ribbon off the box of pink MM's I got. It says Get Hope, Give Hope. I tied it onto the strings as well.

I hung them there to remind myself that this little princess is wearing pink boxing gloves. I can be pressed but I am not crushed. I can be persecuted but I am not abandoned. I can be struck down but I am not destroyed. My God has given me boxing gloves which were handmade by his own dear hands. Nothing can penetrate them. Nothing can stand against them, if I use them. They will do me absolutely no good if I refuse to use them. They are made from these materials: The Word of God, prayer, love, faith, hope, joy, the fellowship and prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ and... the list goes on and on.

This princess is wearing boxing gloves.
How about you?

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