Those Who Counted The Cost... And Paid It: Mary Jones

When we think of paying the cost for following Christ, we often think of people who gave their lives for the sake of the Gospel but it is not restricted to that. It means to be willing to do whatever you must do to follow Christ, no matter how difficult that might.

She was born in Wales in 1784. The daughter of a poor weaver, she became a Christian at the age of eight. She became passionate about having a Bible of her own. However, the nearest Bible was at a farm several miles away and the nearest place where she could buy one of her own was 25 miles away. Needless to say, the price of a Bible was beyond her means.

Determined to have a Bible at all cost, Mary worked and carefully saved her earnings for six years until she had enough money to buy the precious book. She set out one day, barefoot as usual and walked 25 miles to purchase a Bible. Unfortunately, when she arrived, there were none to be had. At this point, the story varies. Some say the Reverend Charles, when he heard her story gave her a Bible which had been promised to another for a shipment would arrive in a few days. Others say that Mary had to wait several days for that shipment. It matters not, for regardless of which version is correct, Mary did get a Bible and the Reverend Charles was so moved by this incident that he shared this story and as a result, the British and Foreign Bible Society was founded in 1804.

Today this Bible Society is a part of the United Bible Society which is the largest translator, publisher and distributors of Bibles in the world. Little did Mary dream that her determination and faithfulness would not only provide her with a Bible, it would pave the way for others to have Bibles as well, more than 140 years after her death.

We do not know what sort of impact our actions may have on future generations. Mary certainly didn't but she followed Christ and changed her world and in doing so... changed ours. May we do the same.


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