Those Who Endure

We live in a society which seeks and demands instant gratification. Perhaps that is one reason why so many choose to either not follow Christ or give up following Him after a time. Despite what some may preach or teach, if we are honest with ourselves we realize that no one gets everything they want, when they want it, every moment of their life. There is a term for those who have this happen the most and it is not a very flattering term. The word is "spoiled" which means amongst other things, to be damaged or ruined.

While some people may spoil their children, God does not. Instead He blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Why? Because when they do so, they are proving that Jesus Christ is Lord of their life. They are demonstrating that they are laying down their will and taking up God's. Though the way may be hard, though it may be filled with pits and traps, they are keeping their eyes on Jesus and following in His footsteps.

These are the people whom God will reward for they are the people who love Him... no matter what... and they prove it.


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