Three Hundred and Ninety-Nine Days

Three hundred and ninety-nine days had passed. For each of those three hundred and ninety-nine days, prayers had gone up. Prayers of thankfulness as well as petition.

For three hundred and ninety-nine days, we prayed as God took us to the next level. We rejoiced, we wondered, we battled fear and doubt. We had our victories but we also faced struggles as we clung to God's promises.

Anyone who says it is always simple to exercise faith, says so because they have never been in a situation where they had to truly live and walk by faith. Reaching new heights is never a simple or easy process. You must experience growing pains in order to grow.

Three hundred and ninety-nine days. That was the number of days between the day when my husband lost his job and the day he was he had been approved for a six month position (which could go longer) and he could expect a job offer the next day. The job offer came the next day.

It was not the most lucrative of all the jobs he has applied for but neither was it the least. It is not the one that is closest to home but it is neither is it the farthest one. Also, it may be for only six months or it may go much longer or even become permanent.

What we do know is this. God chose for my husband to be at this job, in this place, at this time and so we are content. It may have taken us 399 days to arrive here, but with God's help, we have arrived and my husband starts his new job a week from tomorrow.


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said and a brilliant testimony to Gods faithfulness that we cannot but take to heart as to how Gods works and how we must walk by faith.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

O am so pleased for you both. Yes, we watched you exercise faith in a way that ought to inspire the rest of us.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Oh Happy Days! :dance: Thank you Lord for your blessings along the way and in the days to come. :clap:

Awesome news K :princess:

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! I am thrilled that God has placed your husband in this new job! It just makes me happy all over.


:heart: :heart:



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