Through The Storm

In early September 2014, I told my friend Beth M (@blest) goodbye and headed for home. Her husband was in ICU at the time and I delayed my leaving as long as possible that day. Shortly after leaving, I ran into a terrible traffic incident and was actually delayed in traffic for several hours. I was very glad that I had already made arrangements to stay with a cousin who lived in Iowa rather than attempt to head all the way back to Minnesota that night.

By the time I was near the Iowa/Missouri border, it was getting quite late and that was when it hit. It was the sort of weather well-known to those who live in the Midwest. Severe thunderstorms began to roll in one right after the other. They were the sort of thunderstorms that can often spawn tornadoes which drop down without warning. There is little or nothing to check the winds that come screaming across the farmland.

It was very late by now and there wasn't really any place to stop on that stretch of road. Pulling over... well... no one would see me either. I kept on moving and praying while my husband, who was in MN, tracked the weather for me as the radio reception was very poor. If there was a tornado warning in the area I didn't want to be in my vehicle! 

Suddenly just as I was about to pull over because I couldn't see (and prayed that someone would see me before they hit me), I saw the lights of a semi off to the right of me. It pulled in front of me and yeah... I will admit it. I tailgated it. Well, I wasn't THAT close but I stayed close enough behind that big rig so that it sheltered me from the brunt of the wind and the rain.

Now, here's the important part. Just as the big rig turned onto the highway, we entered a construction zone that went on for miles. On my own, I knew I would not have been able to get through it but with that truck leading the way, I got through it just fine. The storm was still raging around me but there I was, praising God for the truck that offered me some protection from the brunt of the storm. It was still dark but I was able to make out the lights of the truck and I kept my eyes on them.

I followed that truck for many miles as the thunderstorms rolled through. When I saw a turn signal come on, I panicked for a moment. What was I going to do now? I did not need to worry because you see, as the truck to the exit, the wind became calm and the rain stopped. I still had another hour or so but it was smooth sailing.

As I stepped into my cousin's house an hour later, I heard the rumble of thunder and saw a flash of lightening. I fell asleep listening to the storm but once again, though the storm raged around me, I was safely sheltered from the storm.

God never promised that we would never encounter any storms but He did promise that He is our shelter, He will lead us and that He will never leave or forsake us. We must remember that, even in the fiercest of storms.


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

God was driving the truck

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

What can I say, we're here to serve. LOL
We don't mine being followed as long as we can see you. Plus, with the wind trubalance we throw off and a gallon of water (in wet conditions) per tire, per rotation it isn't safe to be close.
Tell you a secret - that big truck is no safer in bad conditions than a car. We just drive like lemmings cause we can see ahead better than a car. No IQ test required.

Beth M @blest ·

Good blog

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Praise and thank God.

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