Throwing Down Your Defenses Before God

This time last year, I was systematically having my immune system broken down. Let me assure, it is no fun. Your first instinct is to try to do what you can to stay healthy and strong. Friends don't help. Everyone wanted to give me some sort of supplement guaranteed to build up my immune system in no time flat.

Here's the problem. In order for chemo to work without killing me, my immune system had to become too weak to fight off the drugs designed to seek and destroy fast-growing cancer cells. Unfortunately this is not perfected yet. Chemo can't specifically seek out cancer cells. They can only seek out fast-growing cells which also include healthy cells such as hair and skin but fortunately those can be replaced eventually.

Chemo patients are warned against taking supplements. I wasn't even supposed to take vitamins. I had to, in essence, be stripped of all of my defenses in order to have the enemy hidden within me destroyed.

I cannot help but apply that to my life as a Christ-Follower. There are things in my life which I need to be stripped of. Perhaps it is a sin I grapple with. Perhaps it is a wound I nurse. Perhaps it is a wall I have built. Perhaps it is all of these and more. In any case, God wants to rid me of these things. He wants to take the things which are unhealthy in my life and destroy them. Oh yes, my spiritual "immune system" may have tried to destroy them but to tell you the truth, my "immune system" is no match for this stuff. I need something more.

In order to get "treated" effectively, I need to strip myself of all of my defenses and lay down at the foot of the cross. "Here I am, Lord! Break me, melt me, mold me and use me." I need to lay aside all of my excuses and all of my arguments as well as trying to rely on my own strength. I need to quit trying to fortify them and drop all of my defenses before God.

Oh! Look and see what amazing things He will do then! He will seek out and destroy those things which are no pleasing to Him. While the "treatment" can be difficult, the end result is clear. God will safely bring us through the flood and the fire and we will be amazed at what He has done in our lives.

Praise God!


K :princess:


Thanks for sharing K! THis is so very true.

Tl Sia @doulos ·

Amen! Yes, we need to lay ourselves bare before Him, surrender, and let Him seek our hearts. Only He can treat us, make us well and transform us. Thank you for the reminder and another wonderful encouraging post!

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