To All of the Awesome Brothers and Sisters In Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

I'm heading in for surgery this morning. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the support I've received from you during this time of uncertainty. Some of you have directly given me support. Others have provided support unknowingly through your blogs. I have received so much strength and encouragement as I have read your words. I've read of your struggles and fears. That reminds me that these things fall upon everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, what your financial status is or what your beliefs are. We live in this world and we are subjected to the things within it.

The good news is we are not alone! When we follow Christ, we are walking with him. He fearlessly goes with us. There is no pit too deep or dark for him! There is no darkness that he cannot penetrate! He is aware of every breath we take as well as every thought, fear and dream. When we cry, he weeps with us. When we laugh, he rejoices in our laughter. When we fall down, he is standing by with outstretched arms to pick us up, hold us, wipe away our tears and set us on our feet again.

There are those who scoff at this idea of Christianity. That saddens me because a true father does not only discipline his children, he holds them in his arms and loves them. A true father's love is not based on what his child does. His child pleases him when they do well, however, a true father still loves their child even when the child is unloveable. A true father's love remains even when the child grieves them. He does everything in his power to set the child's feet on the right path. He never gives up on them.

While far too many people have not had true fathers in this fallen world, there are those who have witnesses this father-heart either through their own father or spiritual fathers God has provided them with. They know exactly what I am talking about. Jesus called God "Our Father". These weren't empty words. I lost my earthly father when I was 16. I am so glad that I have a heavenly father!

I've read about your joys and victories. These serve as reminders that Jesus is Victor over every situation. God is bigger than... .(insert here)! We have been given life more abundantly not just in the future but in the present.

We need to remember that we are all in this together. It is easy to feel isolated. I just wanted to thank everyone for opening their hearts and sharing with others. It has gotten me through some very tough moments.

*8/18/11--This blog is now part of a series entitled Walking With God In The Midst of Cancer

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