To Have And To Hold From This Day Forth

A lot of people said that marriage was going out of style. It was just a piece of paper anyways so why do it. One young couple didn't agree. Marriage was created and ordained by God. You couldn't take it lightly nor simply disregard it. As young as they were (they were both 20), they both recognized that unless they asked God to be a part of their marriage and teach them how to do, their marriage would end up as a casualty. They had to get this right.

On August 22, 1981 the couple stood before God and witnesses and pledged their love to one another. Together they asked God to bless their marriage and be a part of it. God has honored their prayer.

On that day, they did not see not see the challenges that would lie ahead. They could not see the difficult days when there would be job loss, financial challenges, dreams that would have to be set aside or when the bride would be fighting for her life. It didn't matter. God saw those challenges and He would help them meet each challenge. After all, He was a part of this marriage too.

Thirty-one years. There are people who have been married far longer but still, it is a respectable number. We have shared the laughter and the tears. We have shared fat years and lean years. We have enjoyed years of health and faced years of sickness. In the difficult times as well as in the good times, God has always been there teaching us and reminding us that regardless of what happens, we are one flesh joined together by Him.

Divorce has become rampant in our society and has even touched the lives of Christians. I know of people who have been cruelly treated and/ or abandoned by their spouse. I know people who have been told by a spouse to choose either God or them. I have watched people fight for their marriage only to have their partner refuse to do so and casually walk away.

I know a man who lost his job and his home. He turned to his wife and said, "At least we still have each other." Her response was, "No we don't. I'm leaving you for someone else." Both of these people had professed to follow Christ! One of them still is.

It is a rare thing in western society nowadays to have a long marriage. It is becoming even rarer for both partners to have been married only once. Many of those couples who can claim that distinction aren't happy.

My husband and I will be celebrating today. We have good reason to celebrate and are looking forward to many more anniversaries to come.


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Grey Warner @day2day ·

Happy Anniversary!!!!! I enjoyed your blog very much. My husband and I have been married 20 years...there has been a lot of ups and downs, wonderful times and challenges..."better and worse"..."sickness and health"...we've been through a lot together I expect that is normal. wink. When we got married we chose a verse whose reference is engraved in our wedding bands "a three fold cord is not easily broken" Eccl. 4:12b. No matter how good our intentions or love for each other...over the years that "third cord"...the Lord...has made and continues to make all the difference.

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