Together Through The Bad Times As Well As The Good

Tonight my husband and I attended the 40th wedding anniversary of my son's future in-laws. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to them renew their vows. You see, this was not a starry-eyed bride and groom promising to be with each other through better or worse, for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health. This was two people who bore the battle-scars of life. They had stuck together through the good times as well as the bad. They had gone through the lean times as well as the more prosperous times. They have faced serious illness and even stared death in the face, yet at the end of the day, with tears in their eyes, they were standing together renewing their vows. You could tell that despite the challenges which every marriage faces, it had been and continues to be a "good run".

I understand. My husband and I are five years away from our 40th anniversary but we too have had to prove that we meant what we said on that August day 35 years ago. We agreed to stand together through the bad times as well as the good and we have kept our word.

The problem is too many people do not. They do not realize that every successful marriage has rough moments. Every truly happily-married couple has had to remember that they really do love each other even if one or both of them is being a bit unlovable at the moment. They don't give up on their marriage. It is not her marriage, hismarriage or a marriage plus family and friends (even if they are well-meaning). It is OUR marriage and we must cherish it, protect it and fight for it. When one goes down, the other one must be there to lift them up. When life comes crashing down around them, they must stand together, clasping the other with one hand while lifting up their other hand toward God.



Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

Nice blog K! So true.



It s amazing what people can with their marriages when God s hand is in it, and both parties want to make it last. Congratulations to you and yours.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said. Our 46th ann. is coming up early next year - you have to trust each other, love each other and be best friends with each other without reservation by doing not lust saying.

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