Trusting In God For Everything

God certainly is not a vending machine! While I am not a proponent of what my husband calls the "Blab-It-And-Grab-It" mentality, I do believe that often times God is standing by with his hands open and ready to meet our need but we don't allow him to do it because we feel it's too trivial. We don't want to "bother" him.

While thinking about the provision of God, I recalled an incident which happened to me in March 2003. A few weeks earlier, my son had totaled my car and at the time, it was impossible to replace it. It was driveable but something had happened and it would no longer start using the conventional method. Our mechanic, who was a personal friend before he was a mechanic, knew I was going to be junking my car and replacing it as soon as possible. He taught me how to hot-wire my car.

This went on for several weeks. We just weren't in a position to replace my car yet. (If you're wondering why my husband didn't switch vehicles with me, his was actually more unsafe than mine at the moment as his needed repairs as well). Then, an electrical storm came up one night when I was teaching a class for a friend. Everybody had just left and I completely alone in a parking lot out in the middle of nowhere. As lightening flashed all around me I was in tears, terrified that I was going to be zapped any minute while I was hot-wiring my car.

When I got home, my husband agreed that even though we didn't know how God was going to provide me with another vehicle, we were simply going to have to step out in faith now and see what God would do. I made a "wish-list" including the color and we went shopping. We pulled into a variety of lots but I would refuse to get out of the car because this was not the right place. My poor husband. I couldn't tell him where the right place was but he complied with my odd behavior anyways.

Finally, I made him drive around a lot three times. He kept asking me what I was looking for but I couldn't tell him. Then I hopped out of the car and amazingly I was asked, "What would your wishlist be and at what price?" Amazing...I just happened to have mine in my purse.

The saleswoman thought my wish-list at the price I quoted was simply impossible but she said nothing to me at the time. She simply said, "I'll see what I can do." While she was wondering what to tell me, her boss walked by and asked her what was wrong. She explained the situation and he started to laugh. Especially when he saw the color. It seems an employee was trading in her vehicle. For the past three days she had driven to work, looked at vehicles but could not make up her mind. She had just made her final selection a few minutes before and turned in her van. It hadn't even been cleaned up yet had every single item on my wishlist including the color and...the right price. The irony of all of this didn't escape anyone.

That vehicle has faithfully carried me and others many miles over the past six years. I've had very little trouble with it. Twice they thought I needed to replace the transmission but both times it ended up being a very minor repair for a fraction of the cost. This is the same vehicle which is in danger of having the front end fall off now as well as the window motor which needs to be replaced. My mechanic has said that one good pothole ought to do the trick but he looked at me and said "You have angels running shotgun with you so you may very well make it to your December 1, 2009 goal.

As I stated in the beginning, God is not a vending machine. However, God is interested in little details like princesses having to hot-wire cars during electrical storms. He cares about the bills which can't get paid because your car broke down, your child got sick, you lost your job or whatever else. He cares about the small things in our lives as well as the big things. God cares and He wants us to trust him for everything! Truly he is the Lord God Our Provider!

K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

He is indeed an awesome God and he does meet our every needs and the desires of our heart.
If ever I have doubts about that --all I have to do is read your blogs K. :)

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·


:clap: A wonderful testimony! And precisely, exactly why I don't think God wants all His children to be prosperous. Our faith in Him as our Provider would never be tested and His amazing answers never shared.

You oughtta write a book.

:heart: Gracie