Trusting In God No Matter What!

Every single one of us at some point in our life is going to face some sort of challenge. Some challenges are temporary. We face them for a season and then they are gone. Others will come back time and time again. Some challenges will last for a life time. Others sneak up on you unexpectedly and will linger for the rest of your life.

All challenges have something in common. They cause you to stop and ask God this question. "Why?" Why does God allow this or that to happen to us? Often, challenges are accompanied by the feeling that something is just not quite fair. We don't deserve this! You are right. We don't deserve it. We deserve far worse than what we get but that is another topic altogether.

Oh how we want to "wave the magic wand" and say "Ta Da!" How our family and friends will be amazed! The problem is, we are not the ones who decide how things will be played out in this life. God is. It is so easy to trust God and talk about His goodness when things are going our way. It is another matter altogether when God doesn't make sense to us.

Nick Vujicic is a 26 year-old man who was born without limbs. Take a few minutes to listen to his amazing story and ask yourself this question. Will you trust God, no matter what?


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