We all want to have some sort of impact or leave some sort of imprint in this world. Some people are rather vocal about that desire whereas others just sort of shyly smile as if you have discovered their secret. Some people will flat out deny it for they are far too modest to want to do anything like that. Really? I think deep down inside, even the most modest or shyest person not only wants to but needs to feel that somehow, in some way, they made a difference in the life of someone, no matter how great or small. 

Yesterday, after reading something posted by a friend of mine on social media about "little marks of kindness" that make an impact, I realized something. Those "little marks", sometimes referred to as random acts of kindness, have a greater impact on me than the big stuff.

Oh, don't get me wrong! I remember and appreciate the big things. It is just that I find those little unexpected things seem to shine even brighter.

As I thought about it, I wondered if their very simplicity makes it so? The "big things" usually draw the attention of others because they are well... big. They are much more difficult to hide from an audience and therefore much more suceptible to applause. While the motive may be pure, it is easy for a public generous act to become contaminated by pride simply because others point it out and talk about it. "Did you see what they did? Wow!"

On the other hand, the small things seldom attract a large audience. The audience generally consists of the giver, the receiver and God. Sometimes the receiver doesn't even arrive on the scene until the giver has exited the stage!

Generally (but not always), the big stuff is rehearsed. You plan how you are going to execute it. You plan when you are going to deliver it, you plan how you are going to deliver it, you plan where you are going to deliver it and perhaps you even go so far as to rehearse, ahem... a little speech. 

The small things are different. Oh, you might have gone so far as to stock up on some encouragement cards  and a book of stamps so you would have them on hand to mail out now and then but there is no big production. You just quietly do it.

In all honesty, the things that have meant the most to me have been the unexpected card dropped in the mail, the phone call out of the blue, a smile when I needed to see one or words of kindness. There have been the casual conversations when someone suddenly interjected words I needed to hear. They usually don't know it but they just hand-delivered a message from God. 

Do not ever think you do not matter. You have no idea how many lives you have impacted during those unrehearsed moments when you have simply allowed the love of Christ to minister through you. You might have had no audience except God but He is the only audience that truly matters. He looks at you and smiles...and says, "That's my child!"

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