Waiting With Great Expectation

But I will hope continually,
And will praise You yet more and more.

Psalm 71:14 (NKJV)

In the Greek myth, Pandora's Box, Pandora allows her curiosity to get the best of her and opens the beautiful box she had been told to notopen, releasing all of the trouble and evil into the world. Weeping, she discovers the box is not completely empty for there at the bottom of the box lies Hope.

Like so many myths, there is a grain of truth in this story for we know that after sin was released into this world, Adam and Eve have an encounter with God who, before uttering judgment upon them, uttered hope (Genesis 3:15). Have you ever notice that? Read chapter 3 very carefully and you will see that while the serpent was sentenced prior to Genesis 3:15, Adam and Eve were not. Is this important to note? I believe it is because this is the first example we have of God's mercy and grace. Notice that while there are no words of repentence recorded as being uttered by Adam and Eve at this point, God still utters His promise of redemption.

The woman who was created to bring forth life, instead brought forth death. Only God can restore life once again and that is exactly what He has done. He truly is the God of Hope.

The word translated as "hope" in Psalm 71:14 is not wishful thinking. It is much more than that. It means to be waiting with expectation, you might even say it is to wait with great expectation. A good example of this would be of a child who is told they will be receiving Christmas presents. I have never yet met a child who worries and wonders if you are telling them the truth. In fact, they are so expectant, they are so confident in what they have been told that they will go so far as to tell everyone what is going to happen. "I'm getting presents for Christmas!" If anyone attempts to tell them otherwise, a child will retort back, "Yes I am! My mom (or dad, grandpa, grandma, etc) told me I was and so I am!"Sometimes, these gifts may appear under the tree several days or even weeks before Christmas and they see the visible evidence of gifts with their name on them. They may not be allowed to open them yet but that doesn't matter. As far as the child is concerned, these gifts still belong to them and they fully expect to receive them, open them and enjoy them at the appointed time.

God's Book, His Word, is filled with promises. Do we believe Him even if we do not see the visible evidence of them? Do we believe that we will receive each and every one of them at the appointed time? Do we wait with expectation for that time and tell everyone about them or do we doubt Him?

Sometimes we wait for things with trepadation. We are filled with doubt, wondering if God will disappoint us, this time. This is not hope, it is doubt and anxiety.

It is small wonder that it is difficult for us to hope. We have all been the recipients of broken promises numberous times. We have dared to hope, only to have those hopes dashed. We must remember that while people may not be able to fulfill their promises for one reason or another or even downright lie, God never does. He can and will fulfill every promise and He cannot lie. We must remember He is not man, He is God and God is the God of Hope.(Rom 15:13)



Scripture quotation from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Amen! Very reassuring post especially in a time when materialism has caused many to redirect their focus. Every time we encounter a roadblock we tend to quickly forget the many other times God that has helped us cross them.

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