Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

This morning I read a blog by@watchmanjohn entitledThe Miraculous Is Often Not The Best Medicine For Us and I have to say that I agree. The road God has had me on over the past eight years has been the rockiest and most difficult one I have ever traveled. Eight and a half years ago, when I learned I might havecancer and when I cried out to God to get rid of the tumor right then and there, I did not get the answer I wanted. He told me that not only did I have cancer (this was prior to the biopsy), He told me that in addition to surgery I would also have to endure chemo as well as radiation and my time of treatment would not be a walk in the park. He also did not tell me whether or not my treatment would be successful or if I would have any residual effects.He only told me that He loved me and to trust Him... no matter what.

Six and a half years ago, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in my sleep. I would later learn it had occurred due to a congenital defect. A paternal great-grandfather as well as my paternal grandfather had symptoms just prior to their deaths suggests there was a ruptured cerebral aneurysm involved. The same is true of my mother's oldest brother and several years after my aneurysm ruptured, one of her nephews had one as well. Thankfully, like myself, he survived though he is unable to live independently so he lives with his daughter and has a PCA.God knew all about the defect I was born with. He knew it would rupture and yet in my case, He neither removed it nor healed it. He allowed it to rupture.

According to the theology of some individuals, the reason I experienced these things was because I had displeased God in some way and He was punishing me. Here is the problem with that theology, Jesus himself repudiated it and in fact told us that we would experience trouble in this world. We should not be surprised when we experience hardship and grief in this world, we should be surprised when we do not.

We have to learn to walk by faith, not by sight. When things do not go according to our plan, when God's response is not the one we had hoped for we simply must continue to cling to God and trust Him... no matter what.



Steve Hurt @serveonlyhim ·

"According to the theology of some individuals, the reason I experienced these things was because I had displeased God in some way and He was punishing me."

You gave a fair answer to this type of rebuke - which is what it is - unknowingly, sadly, by the voicers. It is how the friends of Job answered him. That theology is a sad state affairs.
You might hear because of little faith, When Peter and John came upon the cripple did they ask him about his faith? No, it was thru their own faith the man was healed. Then he became a believer in the God who heals.

You, John and the many others of us in the world with illness or/and disease were believers in the Living God before and now know, and are learning, to trust and depend on Him. To walk in our faith daily the best we know.
God Bless!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

You know that the diagnosis of a brain tumour led me to going eyeball to eyeball with God and I now know the peace that passes all understanding. Living or dying (a distinct possibility) was not an issue with me, only the peace I had in knowing absolutely, that God was with me. Faith without understanding...


Nancy Stank @nancystank ·

You always inspire me! Thanks!

Sylvia Kinley @heavenlyminded ·



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