Walk Like A Duckling!

Summer is rapidly winding down here in Minnesota. A couple of days ago, we were broiling in 90 plus degree heat. This evening, there is a definite chill in the air. There are rumors we will struggle to get into the '70's this weekend. Of course, summer isn't quite over yet but... it is definitely winding down. I head back to school next week and the kids return the following week. A new school year is about to begin soon.

I took advantage of the beautiful late summer early evening a little bit ago and headed off to indulge in one of my well-known vices... Dairy Queen. This time for a Heath Bar (toffee) blizzard. Mmmm.... just the thing!

Now for those of you who may not know it, I live in Minnesota which is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Actually there are more but 10,000 sounds better than 11,000 plus. Also, in order to qualify as a lake in Minnesota it must be at least 10 acres and have a name. This means there are a lot more lakes out there! With that many lakes it means that when you are traveling from point A to point B, you will probably have to pass a lake, river, spring, pond, creek, marsh, puddle or whatever. This means we have a lot of ... waterfowl.

I was happily zooming down the road near some lakes when the cars in front of me started to slam on their brakes. What on earth? Then I saw why. A mother duck was carefully making her way across the road with a plump duckling in tow. I quickly pushed aside the thought of why there was only one and not three more. I focused my attention on what was happening in front of me.

As she calmly crossed the road, unperturbed by the vehicles stopping in both directions, her duckling did not look to the right or the left. All of "his" (or her) attention was on his mother. He watched her intently, seeming to completely ignore the rest of us. We didn't matter. Only his mother did. He followed her closely, placing each foot where hers had been. He didn't stop and look around at us. He didn't start to panic, question what his mother was doing, run around in circles or anything like that. He knew exactly what his job was. His job was to closely follow his mother... wherever she led.

As soon as they safely crossed the road, all of us resumed our journeys but as I headed home, I kept thinking about that duckling. What if I walked like a duckling? What if I walked with my eyes completely focused on Jesus in spite of the screech brakes around me and all the other distractions. What if I did my job instead of worrying about what someone else was doing? What if I followed Jesus confidently, never questioning, or arguing about where He lead me but simply accepting that He leads me as He sees fit?

If I did that, if we all did that I truly believe we would have a much greater impact on our world and far more people would be following Christ. May we all learn to walk like a duckling.


K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Why did the duckling cross the road?
To give k:princess: fodder for a blog.

Yes, the ability to stay focused on what lies ahead and not be distracted by anything going on is a vital key to success in our walks. The ability to stay focused on Jesus who walks before us and shows us the way insures we will not get lost.

"The Lord knows the way through the wilderness,
All I have to do is follow"

Thanks for sharing such a simple message. It is important to remember and be blessed by such simple things.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I was sure most of those lakes must be puddles but I stand corrected.

I love the analogy!
I am glad that our "Mother Duck" has his eyes on us though and is not just assuming we are following. At least one of us would be falling into holes



Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

HA love this.. Im gonna use this in Girls Brigade if thats ok?
on the farm we have a duck that thinks its a chicken.. but thats another story. All I can say is that a duck trying to roost is as stupid as it looks.

Beth M @blest ·

:clap: :clap: Excellent blog, K. What a perfect analogy. Isn't God grand, the way He surrounds us with examples for us to follow? Who'd uh thunk a duckling would provide such a great analogy and be a role model for Christians?? :heart: blest you stopped ... and pondered.


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