Walking On Water

For the past couple of weeks the song, Walking On Water by NEEDTOBREATHE has been going around and around inside my head. Every time I hear it, I think about a print called Perseverence by Thomas Kinkade which hangs in my bedroom. While I was undergoing cancer treatment, I would sit and stare at that picture for hours for it reminded me of a story I loved so well.

There are times when we can see Jesus "in the boat" with us but there are other times when tearing our eyes away from the storm we discover that our boat is empty. 

We cry out in despair only to have our words torn away from our lips by the wind and cast into the sea. Clinging desperately to our boat, we strain our eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of Jesus only to be blinded by the rain and of course the darkness. We listen for his voice but all we hear is the roar of the wind. 

No one can see us and even if they could, they are powerless to reach us, let alone rescue us. There is no hope. We are doomed.

Suddenly, we catch a glimpse of Jesus. He is out there in the storm and He is headed our way! In desperation we cry out and at his bidding, we step out of the boat so that we can be where he is.

We take a few steps but then we take our eyes off of Jesus and look at the storm instead. To our horror, we begin to sink. We started out well but now we are sinking.

It is at this point that the accuser steps in and begins to mock us. What sort of Christian are we anyway? Can't we trust God with the least little thing? How angry and disappointed he must be! We've blown it and it is too late now. We might as well simply give up and yield ourselves to the fate that awaits us, a dark and watery grave, separated from God forever.

When will we ever learn that the enemy is a liar? When will we realize that Jesus will do the exact same thing for us that he did for Peter? He reaches out for us and he lifts us up again. 

Photo by Pat McDonald on Foter.com / CC BY-NC

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was good

D Kelley @lineman ·

Seven thumbs up for our King, Jesus! Nice reminder that He sees what's going on an cares.


Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Enjoyed this. Been awhile since I've heard that song.
"He reaches out for us and he lifts us up again." Always!