Walking The Path God Has Chosen For You

Earlier this evening, I was reading a wonderful blog by Silverpen called Step Out In Faith And The Path of God Will Open Unto You . While her blog was talking about decisions which we make in regards to things such as careers, business or relationships, I could not help but think about how sometimes we must make the decision to willingly follow God into the desert or even the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I told God I wanted the tumor to be gone when they did the diagnostic mammogram. I certainly believed and still believe He is the Lord God Our Healer and NOTHING is too hard for Him!

:cry: But... I remember, oh how I remember "seeing" Him looking at me with eyes of love and compassion with His hand extended gently telling me I would have to walk this dark path. The question was not whether or not I would have to walk it. God had already decided that. I was going to have to walk it. The question was, would I walk it with Him?

The very idea of attempting to walk this path alone filled me with horror and I cried out to Him. I didn't care where He led me! I just knew I wanted to be by His side... even if that meant I was walking beside Him through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

We want God to walk beside us wherever we go but are we willing to trust Him enough to walk beside Him wherever He goes?


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Thanks sister kreynolds for your comment regarding my blog.:flower: Yes, it is true that we should also be willing to let God lead us to difficult situations:mrgreen:, painful trials:mrgreen:, and even sickness that all of us dread. May the Lord leads us to where He wants, not to where we want.

Blessings always,

From Silverpen


Only one who knows, really knows, speaks of the two sides of the puzzle of walking as you have. He is always there always beside us and willing to lead - then you ask are we willing to be beside Him, to follow Him.

It is a pleasure, no, a joy, no, a blessing and honor to God who is worthy of all praise through Jesus to see and read your lessons of faith and trust in Him through your ordeals.

May we always be willing to grasp His hand, go step in step with Him, follow His tracks - Home.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

As I pondered on your blog I had a thought... We can have one of only two companions on our journey. Fear, or Faith. We have an option but why would we choose to walk with Fear when we can have everything we need when we walk with Faith?



His Heavenly Light radiates so strongly in your testimony, Sister Kreynolds! Lead on, Lord Jesus! Lead on!

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