Warning! Roadblock Ahead!

Several times a year, my husband and I host a small group on finances which is offered through our church. Generally, these classes have 10 to 12 participants as our church has opted to offer several small classes in private homes rather than one large class at the church. This spring however, only one person, a young woman, registered for our class.

Last week, the coordinator asked me if we were still willing to do the class (our class was being held on the only night the person who signed up could attend). Now it just so happened, my husband and I had talked about whether or not the class should be cancelled just the night before so I had a ready answer. We had decided that if someone wanted to take the class, even if they were the only one, we were more than willing to lead it.

Now I have to tell you a bit about the young woman in our class. From the time she decided to sign up for the class there were problems. First there were technical problems. I had first reported them several weeks ago when the class was first put online. I didn't think the sign-up process was working properly. I contacted the church, they tried it out and there was no problem. It still wasn't working right for me and the problem was attributed to the fact that I was leading the group, was using the wrong browser, was using a Mac, etc.

A few days later, this young woman attempted to. They couldn't register either. Hmm. Now at this point, if someone tries to register for a small group and they can't, some people would give up. Not our heroine. She notified the church that she was having problems and wanted help. After several days of waiting while the tech guys tried to figure out and fix the problem, she was finally registered. Whew!

That's not the end of the story, however. Today we were hit with the first snowstorm of the winter. Yes, I know it is March 23rd but it started to snow at 11:00 this morning and 11 hours later we have more than a half a foot of snow on the ground. At least it will start melting tomorrow!

Things intensified around dinner time but while we were contemplating whether or not we should cancel the class and start it next week, our girl texted me to say she was on her way. Okay, we're on!

A short time later, I got a phone call. She had gone past our house and her Dodge Charger was stuck just down the road between two hills. My husband and several neighbors tried their best to get her back on the road but it was no good. While a few other vehicles could manage that road, her car simply could not handle the snow depth on the yet to be plowed road nor could it gain good traction.

So she called AAA (which told her it would be several hours before a truck would arrive) and cheerfully came inside, thankful for a hot cup of tea and a place next to the fire. She laughed as she said she expected God had great things in store for her. She was the only member of a class that she'd had a terrible time registering for. She had to drive through the only snowstorm which incidentally did not happen over the winter but in early spring (we haven't had snow on the ground for almost a month) and when she arrived, she got stuck in the snow. To say she is excited, would be an understatement. She expects amazing things to happen and she could not wait to get started.

You know, often when God wants us to do something, we run into all sorts of roadblocks. Often we allow these roadblocks to stop us in our tracks. We reason that when God wants us to do something the road to doing it will be smooth and easy as we glide happily along. I think God allows roadblocks to be thrown in our way for a reason and He expects us to persevere.

God certainly could have delivered our heroine from the snow without the aid of any manpower or tow trucks but He chose not to do it that way. I could not tell you why. I only know these things:

  1. A young woman did not merely talk about bringing her finances under control, she has shown that she is not going let anything keep her from doing so.
  2. We met two neighbors down the street that we had not met before.
  3. Tomorrow I am going to bake two loaves of bread for those neighbors which my husband and I will deliver tomorrow evening to show our graditude for their helping a stranger who was in need.

When we walk with God, we must remember that He is fully aware of any and all roadblocks we may encounter and we must learn to trust Him... no matter what!


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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Like your heroine we must be willing to plough on and climb over those obstacles

Nancy Stank @nancystank ·

Great blog!


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