We Are The Clay

And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.
We are the clay, and you are the potter.
We all are formed by your hand.

Isaiah 64:8 (NLT)

Do we really believe this? We may say that we do but do our actions prove it?

Over the years I have heard people being told to "...boldly march into the throne room of God and tell Him exactly what you want!" I have a question for any parent who is reading this. If your son or daughter did this to you, what would your reaction be? I suspect most of you would have a reaction similar to mine. You would um... remind your child of exactly who you are. They may make a request of you... but they don't tell you what to do.

How many times have we been guilty of telling God what to do rather than asking Him to do something? There is a difference.

My dad used to teach disabled vets how to do ceramics. I remember seeing pieces of greenware and bisqueware. Did these pieces determine how and when they would be fired? Did they select the stains that were to be applied to them? No. That was up to the potter to decide. Whoever heard of clay telling the potter how to work it and mold it. Does the clay tell the potter what to smooth out? Does the clay tell the potter how hot the fire needs to be and how long it needs to stay in that fire?

We are not the potter. We are the clay. Yet, how easy it is for us to forget that.

In the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus did not want to face what he knew he was going to have to face. He did not want to be arrested, stand trial, be beaten, mocked and abandoned by friends. He did not want to bear a cross and be stripped and hung for everyone to see. He did not want to endure the pain and the shame which he knew He would face. No one would.

Yet after saying how He felt, He says those critical words... "nevertheless not my will but thine". Who are we to think that we are exempt from having to pray this same prayer? If we are to truly follow Christ, then that means we must also pray this prayer. "Not my will but thine... no matter what."


K :princess:

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Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Thank you so much dear sis K for sharing this wonderful thought with us.This verse Isaiah 64:8 is one of my favourites :heart:

Clay in its natural form is dry and “thirsty,” water is necessary for the finished product to be what its maker intends.God is lovingly determined to shape each of us into the image of Christ. The Holy Spirit is referred to as water ,(Jesus) cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.

Love Tina :flower:

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