Welcome To My World: Population One?

I just finished watching a video my husband sent me a link to. It is based on the song "(Outside) My Own Little World" by Matthew West.

Do we live in a place called My Own Little World which has a population of one? I think that we live there far often than what we care to admit. I think the world is more candid about it. While they may not necessarily endorse it, we have all heard sayings like "every man for themselves" or "look out for number one". All of these are mottos of that place called "My Own Little World".

Jesus commands us to go and spread the Good News. Now a lot of people will equate that with becoming a missionary on a foreign mission field somewhere. The enemy likes it when we do that because that usually means we will mutter something like... "God hasn't called me to go to Africa, Asia, South America or wherever." We sigh as if to imply that we certainly would pack up everything and go in an instant if God did but secretly, we are relieved that He hasn't. This soothes that uncomfortable feeling we get that when we ignore those little nudges the Holy Spirit frequently gives us. That's not our gift, that's not our call. Really?

Jesus is calling us to leave that place called My Own World (population one) and follow Him as He travels from place to place. Have you ever noticed Jesus was on the move and that meant that everyone with Him was on the move as well? Are we?

God wants you to visit the world of your spouse, your children, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, the clerk at the grocery store, your mechanic, your banker, someone you just met while you were out for a walk... God wants you to enter their world along with Him. Will we do it or will we continue to hide in our own little world?

Here's a link to the video if you'd like to check it out for yourself on GodTube: (Outside) My Own Little World


K :princess: