We've Surrendered To God, Or Have We?

We talk about doing it. We sing about doing it and we may even tuck the word into our prayers now and then but are we really doing it? It's easy to "surrender" to God when He is asking us to do something we want to do or wanting us to go somewhere we want to go. Is that really surrendering?
I don't think so.

We sing pretty songs about it, surrounded by others singing about it when we're in a nice safe church where no one will challenge us. It is one thing to talk about surrendering to God but it is another thing to actually do it.

Surrender means we give ourselves up to someone else. We relinquish our authority over ourselves and submit ourselves to the authority of another. Just because you are imprisoned by someone does not mean you have actually surrendered to them. Your body might be subjected to them but you... are not.

Are we that way with God? Our "body" is going through all the right motions. It appears we are surrendered but "inside"... we are not! Are we willing to let God do whatever He wants with us? Are we willing to let Him lead us where He wants us to go as opposed of where we want to go?
Just something to think about...


K :princess:

Shirley Calhoun @startingover ·

God has been really talking to me about total surrender lately. I definitely agree...being in prison is not surrender... been there, not done that. It sounds so easy...but it is so difficult to give up our rights to our lives. It involves Lordship, being obedient...I am struggling...a few big issues at the moment...pray for me. God Bless Shirley

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you aways for your blogs and i thank God that he isnt"monte hall from"let's make a deal, bob barker from"the price's right or pat sajack from"wheel of fortune cause i would have "lost on them shows and throw"jeparody" in there for good measure.. be blessed

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