What A Glorious Day That Will Be!

Earlier today, I read a blog by Billy Beard (@billyb) called "And It Repented The Lord That He Had Made Man On The Earth" which was a call for us to wake up! One of the comments to that blog was made by @southernchristian who said: I say, if I was not paralyzed I would stand up and shout hallelujah! I could not let that pass by without saying something to which he responded by saying that he'd told his wife once that when he was in his permanent body, united with Christ, he was going to just walk around for awhile, enjoying the pleasure of good health.

Those of us who have faced health issues in this world know exactly what he is talking about. I am blessed to be free to move in this world but I live in a body which has... acted up, first with cancer, then with broken "equipment" in the brain. This body of mine is not pretty sight! You know that is true when you go to see a new doctor for yet another thing and they read your file only to look up at you like this! :eek:

Usually when they do that, I sit and smile back at them sweetly waiting for them to speak. I wait for a bit, usually enduring periods of them staring back at the computer screen, scrolling back and forth and then turning to stare at me a few times. Then they shake their heads and say something like, "So, you've been busy over the past couple of years..." ROFLOL! Laughter is a gift from God.

I got to thinking about what a glorious day it will truly be when we see Jesus face to face. I do believe I will want to walk around a bit too as taxol did a number on my joints and the nerves in my feet (neuropathy). The threat of cancer recurrence will not rear it's ugly head there. I will not wonder what will happen when the warranty on my titanium coil (yes it has a warranty), will run out when I am 79 years old. There will be no more MRI's, CT scans, mammograms, angiograms or any other kinds of grams! There will be no more poking or prodding, or pricking of fingers. There will be no more twinges of anxiety when a headache comes on for there will not ever be anymore headaches. No more tingling, no more throbbing, no more aching.

Healing in this world is only temporary. If it is not one thing afflicting you, something else will eventually come along. That is the way of the world as long as we live encased in these bodies. I am looking for something far more permanent and some day I will trade in this body for a brand-new one... and what a day, glorious day, that will be!


K :princess:


What a "blessed hope" we have in Christ, sometimes if we'd just "slow down" and "stop and think" ...we'd be saying "thank You" alot more to our Father for the gift of His Son and what it bestowed upon us. Even Now, we live in the very presence of Almighty God because of that shed blood, cleansing us and giving us access behind the veil to boldy go where only Grace could allow. I read of what you and Southern Christian have experienced and then think ...what a hope you have ...that propels you through each day. What would cause two people who have suffered so much, to take time and thought and devotion to write and share?

Amazing Grace!!

thanks for this blog/message K

In Christ,


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