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As I read a blog by Tina Edwin (@Tinaesanil) entitled The First Healing Prayer, I got to thinking about something.

Over the years I have watched people bring something constantly before God. It could be about a variety of things such as finances, healing and relationships. All of these things are well and good but at times I have seen something emerge which is not so good. A spirit of selfishness.

Now you might wonder why I am saying that for isn't it good to pray for these things? Yes, it is but we must also remember that the enemy strives to "bend" or contaminate that which is good and turn it into something that is not. Let me explain.

I have seen people who are so focused on a particular need they have that they ignore the needs of others. They pray and pray about their situation and want others to do so as well but since all their time and energy is focused on their own need, they don't have the time or energy to reach out to others. They become "self-centered" which is another term for selfish.

How do we combat this? We make a conscious effort to serve in some capacity whether it is through volunteering, dropping someone an encouraging note and of course, sharing Christ with others. This keeps things in proper perspective. Yes, we may still be praying and seeking God about our situation but while we are waiting, we are busy about the Father's business.

While I was going through cancer treatment, I learned something rather interesting. Cancer survivors who seek to embrace the "new normal" and be of service to others tend to live longer than those who spend all their time and energy focusing on being cured. That's rather interesting isn't it. In other words, "blooming where you are" may not just be a nice idea. It may actually be good for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When faced with my health issues, I was faced with a choice. I could either spend my time racing about trying to get healed or... I could ask God to heal me, trust that I am in His hands and get busy living for Him.


K :princess:

Christopher Quek @arisensleeper ·

Sister K :princess: we live in an era when it is not "popular" to talk about a proper attitude towards prayer and gifts such as healing. If we plead for humility and to acknowledge the will of God we are seen as faithless or that we do not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. True faith is believing that God will always do what is right no matter what. It is the sure knowledge that all things work to the good of those who love Him. True power comes when we can remain joyful in our circumstance and to share that joy abroad. There is a lady at my church who has been stricken by MS and has been confined to a wheelchair and her bed for years. She prays constantly for others and is a beacon of joy and encouragement for everyone! In short she is one of the most powerful people I know!

In His Love,

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

I love this blog !!

God comes to us in our crises and failures,bringing us into a new discovery of who He is and giving us another revelation of His loving kindness.You are a blessing for us K..

Love Tina :flower:

Randy Crawford @randc54 ·

Dear kreynolds,
Great blog!
One of my favorite beliefs in life (that I heard over 20 years ago) says, "When people succeed, they tend to party. When people fail, they tend to ponder." I have adjusted this to fit more situations: When "good" things happen, we tend to party. When "bad" things happen, we tend to ponder. This seems to be the pattern of the human race. Until we experience pain, we see no need to change or to ask God for help. I beleive that is because we have been taught, over and over, that God is as concerned with our happiness in this life as we are. I do not find this in the Bible. While God may not want our misery, He doesn't seem to be intent on blessing us consistently as we expect to make our life on earth pain free. He designed the human experience to help us choose to serve Him-even in the "bad" times.
Your blog explained this perfectly.
To finish, another quote I just discovered through a failed practice as a Christian life coach is this: "Unless I admit that I have a terminal disease, the fact that there is a cure is irrelevant to me."
Keep writing!


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