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When God freed His people from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, He did not lead them directly to the Promised Land. He led them into the desert to Mount Sinai. 

As newly-released slaves, the Israelites simply were not equipped to go into battle against the Canaanites let alone rule the land. More importantly, after hundreds of years of being surrounded by idolatry, they needed to learn who God was and how to be in relationship with Him. 

They were only supposed to be in the desert for a year but that one year turned into forty. They were all supposed to enter the Promised Land but in an instant, a generation was banned from entering it save Joshua and Caleb. Why? Because they listened to the ten spies who could only focus on the giants instead of God's promises.

When the twelve spies came back to the Israelite camp to report their findings, Joshua and Caleb were excited. They were awe-struck by the fruitfulness of the land. This was no desert. It was the "Land of Milk and Honey" and just think! This was the very land God had promised them.  They were excited. They were eager. The time of waiting was over. It was time to prepare for battle, defeat the enemy and possess the land God had given them. God was with them so they would not fail.

Joshua and Caleb were looking at God's promises but that was not the case with the ten other spies. Rather than focus on God's promise, they focused on the strongholds and most of all on the giants. 

Now before you start making excuses for them, remember this. These were the very people who had witnessed the miracle of Passover as the Angel of Death passed over their homes which were marked by lamb's blood and entered the homes of the Egyptians. These were the people who had not only seen the parting of the Red Sea, they had walked on the dry path God had set before them. They were eyewitnesses to power of God manifested at Mount Sinai. They had witnessed miracle after miracle and yet they still did not believe.

A generation was turned away from the Promised Land. They and their descendants wandered in the desert for 40 years until every single one of that faithless generation, except for Joshua and Caleb had died in the wilderness. Then and only then were the Israelites permitted to cross over the Jordan River and possess the land.

When we face "giants" in our own lives, we must take our eyes off of them and look at God's promises instead. When we do, like Joshua and Caleb will defeat those giants with God's help and we will inherit the land.


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Very good

Beth M @blest ·

Excellent blog

Laurine L Adams @laurineadams ·

awesome. one of my favorite stories is of Joseph- Egypt- Moses- Joshua. I once thought it was ironic how God put Joseph in position in Egypt and how Egypt became a place of refuge that turned into a place of captivity. Reminding us to always keep our eyes on God and not in what we think or have. I love how he was a cloud by day and pillar fire at night. their is no limits to God. thank you for this

Artanya @artanya ·

True...we should keep our focus on God.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Good word ... enjoyed.

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