What Do We Love More? The Giver Or The Gifts?

While reading a blog by Kirk M (@Blessings2you) this morning entitled It Is All About Him Not Me , I got to thinking once again about that man named Job.

I remember once how stunned I was when long ago, on this very site, someone told me they did not want to hear about Job for he was only one example and that God would never permit such things to happen to someone else as we were Christians and Job was not! :eek:

Excuse me? This was the man whom God himself called perfect and upright! This suggests to me that God can and does allow misfortune to strike His children.

Which do we love more, God's hand or His face? If you say His face, you will surely be required to prove it, like Daniel, like Jeremiah, like Stephen, like Paul... like Job. Will you cling to God even in the darkest pit and most violent of storms? Will you? Or will you lash out in anger against Him when you are stripped of everything like Job was.

"Oh, but that won't happen to me!"

Why not? If you are truly a child of God, don't you think the enemy is saying the same thing to God about you? That you only love God because He has blessed you but if trouble comes, you will quickly curse Him? When the accuser says this about you, what is God's response? Does He respond the same way He did when this was said about Job? That is a sobering thought!

What do we love more? The Giver or the gifts? If we love the Giver more, we will accept whatever we received from Him...even if it is an ugly package wrapped up in brown tear-stained paper and tied up with scratchy twine. Even if, when we open it, we do not like what we see. Why? Because it came from our Beloved and we will trust that He will transform it into something beautiful even as He continually does so with us.


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