What Is God Trying To Teach Me?

When we find ourselves suddenly sliding uncontrollably down the mountainside and onto a dark path which seems to have no way of escape, our initial response is to scream "God, get me out of here now!" That's understandable. This is the last place you want to be. It is too dark and painful. It is too frightening and uncontrollable and it is often impossible to see the end of the road. If we're not careful, we will fall into more and more despair as we walk this path lamenting because we believe God didn't answer our prayer and He has abandoned us.

I've been on the wildest ride of my life over the past 13 months and while I'm coasting a bit right now, I never know when the road might take a sudden turn. I never expected to be on this ride and I don't particularly like it. I certainly would have never chosen it myself. I would have picked another way but would that have been the way most beneficial to me and other around me?

One of the things which has helped me travel my particular dark path was when I stopped asking "Why me, God?" and starting asking, "What are you going to teach me on this dark path, God? What adventure are you going to take me on?" This was my first step in acknowledging that God had not abandoned me rather, He was carefully guiding me down a difficult trail and while I was on it, He was going to teach me a thing or two. Since the trail was rigorous, I would eventually emerge stronger and more confident than ever if I would just put my trust Him.

The path is a lot easier for now but there are still ruts and rocks in the road. There always will be but His hand is ever extended for me to grasp and He continues to steady me and guide me carefully over the rough terrain. I am learning.

K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Thank you K for this eye opening reminder.
He Will never leave us or forsake us -
even if we don't understand the WHY of what is going on in our lives.
No matter how dark the road or how tough it seems
God will always be right there with us and will walk it with us.