What Is It Worth To You?

What Is It Worth To You?

The words I love ... slip easily off our tongue. Far too easily I think. We say we love our spouse, our family, our closest friends and I hope we do. However we also say we love chocolate, ice cream, a favorite song, starlit summer nights, a favorite sport, a hobby or any number of things. Do we really love all of these things or are we just speaking in the passion of the moment?

Anyone can easily say the words but to put those words into action is a different story. Far too many people have learned the hard way that often words expressing love were nothing more than just words be it from a spouse, family members or those whom they believed to be their dearest friends.

You see, loving something or someone involves a lot more than just words. It involves some sort of sacrifice on our part. When we love we care about that which we love...not just through our words but through our actions.

Please allow me to be frank for a moment. I want to make it very clear that my association with CB is merely as a premier member and nothing more. I am writing this blog simply because my heart is grieved and very heavy at the moment.

Over the past two years or so, when my heart has been grieved and heavy, I wrote about it. I opened up my heart on this site when I went through my deepest darkest nights during my cancer treatment. I got vulnerable when I didn’t want to be and I found an incredible community of brothers and sisters.

Well, my heart is grieved and heavy again so I am turning to you. I have been watching Chipin the past few months and I have to tell you I really hurt. You see, I happen to know there are a few people who contribute more than once a month. I happen to know that if person “A” contributes three different times during the month it will show up as if there were three contributors when in reality it is three contributions by one contributor.

This month so far, there are 11 contributors. Eleven. There are far more than 11 people who visit this website. Far more. It is even worse though. As I said, I am aware that at least several people have made more than one contribution this past month. So there aren’t 11 contributors. There are less than 11 contributors.

I visit CB every day. I run a couple of groups here. I write blogs here. I comment on blogs. I visit chat usually at least once a day. I have to tell you, I hear far more than 11 people talking about how much they love CB!

CB, like everyone else, has obligations to meet. In the real world if your expenses exceed your income, what happens? The lights get turned off and the doors get locked. The same thing happens here.

All of us, who have been blessed in anyway by this site need to consider what impact it may have had on your life if the lights had been turned off and the doors locked when you came looking for this place. Perhaps it wouldn’t have made any difference to you.

I cannot say that for myself. You see, four months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, God led me here. He knew that I was going to need this place and I did! I shudder to even think of what might have happened if this community had not been here for me at the time.

I know what Christianblog.com is worth to me soI have tried to give back to this community the best I can. I’ve given financially as best I could. I have tried to write blogs to encourage and inspire others as well as make them laugh from time to time. I hope I have succeeded once in awhile!

I try to minister to others here through my survivors of chronic illness group as well as in chat. I’ve been party to a number of prayers within chat. Sometimes there’s prayers going up not just for an individual but for all of those within this community as a whole. Tell me, in all honesty have you ever encountered a place on the internet where there is such a community quite like this?

What is it worth to you?


K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for honestly bringing this situation up. I know no one likes being told they need to give more, but God says that all through His Word, so we should not be too upset

The great principle involved deals with love. Whatever we love we want more of and whatever we love we will give more and more FOR. If we love this site and all that it represents and does for our lives, we should be willing to give into its operation and upkeep.

Please, whatever you can give to help us reach the goal set forth for this month, I beseech you to do. Basically all we need to see is $20 per day for the next two weeks to meet the elevated needs for this month.

Thank you for laying this situation out and thank all of you in advance for your giving and outpouring of love for this site we cherish.


Ramona Meek @ilovehimso ·

PrincessK, thanks for this reminder. You are so right, and it is easy to SAY we love something and then DO nothing to show it.

Imagine the horror: What if Jesus only said He loved us? What if He did everything else He did in history, EXCEPT sacrifice His life? His words wouldn't carry near the weight they do, right? Wow, I shudder to think of THAT.

So if we say we love this place and then give nothing ... I mean, literally, nothing ... well, I agree with you that those words, "I love CB" really don't mean anything at all. And I don't know how anyone could be anymore broke than me ... lol. (I'm not poor, I just don't have any money, ;) ), but (I've said this before, and I'll say it again) even a few teeny little dollars, what might be considered an "embarrassing" gift, is better than giving nothing if it is given with your heart.

When I stopped not giving because I thought a couple of dollars here and there (that being all I had) wasn't enough to count, I got so extra blessed. My message in conjunction to yours is as follows:

Whoever you are reading this, please don't let the notion that what you have to give is not enough to count keep you from giving it. No matter how little it is, it does matter and it does count. Remember the widow with the two mites. She gave all she could, and it was an awesome gift.

Thanks again, precious sister, for reminding us of this today. What a dark day it would be if I tried to log on here and found the lights had been turned off and the doors locked.

You have blessed me again, as usual, with your thoughts.

Hugs, Otherprincess

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


LOL! Okay, I will not be "frank" rather I will be K :princess: which means I must be well... me! Sorry Alight... I didn't go away! :wink:

@ Everyone, I am sharing the following in order to try to encourage those who wish to give but feel like for one reason or another they cannot.

Back in February, before "chipin" or communion by the way, God laid a specific amount upon my heart to give to CB each month. I would need to do it in "chunks". I didn't work for nearly six months last year due to cancer treatment as I had to take a leave of absence and even with disability... well... most of us know how tough things can be if you or your spouse suddenly was hit with a life-threatening illness and your income suddenly took a big cut. God covered us though and the large gap we still have each month as we're trying to get back on our feet has been filled faithfully each month.

God even stretched it and the overflow has been enough for me to exceed my "pledge" to myself and God each month. Sometimes it is only by a few dollars. Other times it has been more substantial.

Over the next two months, I too will have to really walk by faith. I don't get paid by my employer (public school district) in July and August. I do some teaching in the summer to supplement that loss but my income in July and August drops by over 50%. We're dependent upon additional free-lance work my husband gets in the summer but that is NOT ever a given.

So, the question I must ask myself is does God want me to continue to at least meet my "pledge"? Well, He never said to do it for just the months while I'm in school nor did He ever tell me to "save the excess" until the summer months. I guess that means He expects me to continue to do so. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's no such thing as "sort of" trusting God. We either do or we don't! If we don't, we ask Him to help us do it more. I need to remember that if God wants me to do something (rather than just myself) He will ALWAYS provide the means for me to do it!

I know this site was here for me when I needed it. I want to do what I can to make sure it is here for others as well; whether it is to minster to others or to be ministered too. Maybe it's because I was a semi-invalid last year but I know this site was an important link for me with the world-at-large. That's why I view this site as a ministry as well as a blogging community. That's why I also pray for this site, John and those who help keep CB running.

May we bless this site as it has blessed us so that it may continue to bless all who come here!


K :princess:

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