What Is That In Your Hand?

I looked down at my hand and I didn't like what I'd been given one bit. Yuck! Cancer! Who wants that! :eek: So I did what I've been doing ever since I was a little girl. It is the only thing I know to do in a case like this. I opened up my hand, lifted it up to God and said "Here! I can't/don't want to carry this!"

Do you realize how much God wants us to do this? We understand this principal when it is something beautiful and good. We offer up praise when we get that new job, the big raise, the good grades, the new car, the new house, the recognition we deserve, deliverance and so forth. We may even give God our money and time... when we perceive that we have been blessed by God.

However, what if we open up our hand and discover :eek:! Something which is not very desirable. Are we still going to offer it up to God? Wait a minute! Offer up something "icky" up to God? I can hear you saying to yourself right now that K :princess: has finally been shoved completely over the edge.

*K :princess: glances sharply over toward where some of her brothers are talking amongst themselves trying to figure out how they can ever possibly outnumber her. Her eyes narrow...

Okay, who said "Finally?"...
No one is willing to confess? ...
I have my suspicions you know. You need to remember I AM a teacher so I listen for things like that but I'll deal with that later. Ahem... now where was I? Oh yeah...

Anyway, God wants everything we have. All the good and... all the bad. He wants it all. He really does.

I remember that night so well. I remember opening up my hand, looking at cancer, lifting up my hand to God with my palm up and saying, "I can't carry this. I don't want it. Here. It is yours."

And God looked down upon that pitiful, ugly, horrible little offering and took it up in His hand. There, in His hand, an amazing thing took place. It became transformed into something unbelievable no longer ugly ... it shone like a beautiful light for everyone in my world to see.

So, what is in your hand? It may be something good or it maybe something bad like, disease, wounds, bitterness, hate, despair, etc. Dare to open up your hand and offer it up to Him. I can guarantee you it will be transformed into something amazing and beautiful. Do it today!


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Something beautiful, something good,
All my confusion he understood,
All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife
But he made something beautiful out of my life

Thank you K...transformation and the peace that passes [b]ALL[/b] understanding
We have a great and mighty God

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Trust involves rolling ALL our burdens unto the Lord--both and good and bad. Thanks for the reminder and the graphic way you did it.