What Is Your Testimony?

Earlier tonight I was recalling a blog I wrote about a year ago called Make My Life A Prayer To You . It is easy to sing the song and say the words. It is another thing to live it! If you are anything like me (and I suspect some of you just might be 😉) there are times we forget who we are in Christ. I must confess that far too often I forget that I am a "K :princess:" and I behave simply like a "K".

I find this usually happens when things are not going quite the way I want them too. Hmm...
I am being self-centered instead of Christ-centered ; selfish instead of selfless

At this moment the enemy is whispering to me that everybody does it for nobody is perfect and besides, God understands. There is always a grain of truth buried in there somewhere but that does not make the TRUTH. As a :princess: of God (child of God) I am not just anybody. I am His child and God expects me to act like a... well... act like a :princess:... not one of those fake princesses of the world but like His :princess: BTW guys, you're not off the hook. God expects you to act like His princes. LOL!

Secondly, yes, God does understand. He understands that I cannot do this without Him. He understands that He has and always will do His part but I have pulled my hand out of His determined to do it my way. When I trip and land right smack in the mud puddle, knocking off my tiara, tearing my dress, messing up my hair and getting mud everywhere imaginable, He is right there to pick me up, get me cleaned up and straightened out. However, He does not pat me on the head and tell me that it is okay for it is not.

Patiently He reminds me of His expectations. I am His :princess: and He expects me to act like it. Yes, He knows it can be very hard to do sometimes but that is why He is there to help me. I don't have to do it all by myself. If I will just keep my hand in His and stay close beside Him instead of darting off down the path, He will teach me and help me. He will help me to live my life so that it is a testimony to Him instead of myself.

Samantha Six @daughterofgod0313 ·

I happened to stumble across your blog and it really spoke to me. I am in the same position. Trying to do things my way. I want to live MY life instead of the life He wants me to live. You're right though, no matter what happens He is there to pick us up and not to tell us that its okay and all is forgiven but to show us that we made a mistake and how to learn from it and come closer to Him. I pray that your relationship with him is fufilling and that you always keep your hand in his. We are His children and it is when we remember that, that we really have Him in our hearts and soul. God Bless you and your journey.