What Kind Of Firefighter Are You?

My pastor used an analogy today which I really liked and I want to pass it on as food for thought. While we are saved by grace there comes a time when we are also judged according to our works. 1 Corinthians 3:11-13 (NLT). Some may be tempted to say, "Whew! Well at least I made it!" However, is this the attitude God wants us to have?
Imagine a house on fire. A firefighter rushes into the house and immediately rushes out again. "Wow! That was close! It's a good thing I had this fireproof suit on. It's a good thing I had my mask on and plenty of oxygen. If I wouldn't have had those things, I would have never made it out alive. It's all right everyone. We can go home now. I'm safe."

Someone asks, "What about all of the people trapped inside?"

"What about them?" asks the firefighter.

"Well, isn't that why you have all the fireproof gear on in the first place? So you can go in and rescue those who are unprotected and need help getting out?"

You don't understand. I made it out safely. Isn't that enough?"

If this scenario were to happen in real life what do you think would happen to that firefighter? An even harder question to ask yourself is am I like that firefighter?

May we remember that we have been equipped to try to do our best to rescue others. That's our job. While we ourselves cannot save them, we certainly can help them come to know the One who can.

What kind of firefighter are you? I know what kind I want to be and so I'd best get around to making that happen. I've been given the gear. It's handcrafted and tailor made by the King himself. My gear is in pink of course :princess: !

However, I can't just stand around admiring it. I need to use it for the honor and glory of God.

K :princess:

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