What Would You Have God Do?

A blog I read today byJohn Knox (@watchmanjohn) entitledScars On Our Heart~Not Healed, caused me to reflect upon some accounts of healing I read about this morning in Luke. On more than one occasion, Jesus specifically asks the person what they want. This is something I have noted before and I find it very interesting because the scriptures also clearly reveal that Jesus knew the most secret thoughts of individuals.

Did Jesus know the thoughts and desires of the people who came to him for healing? Yes, I believe he did so that begs this question. Why did he then ask them what they desired? We ask God for a lot of things. I think the things that are at the top of the list are probably related to physical healing and our financial well-being. Of course we should be asking God to provide for us physically but in his blog,John Knox (@watchmanjohn) brings to our attention something we often do not ask for, the healing of scars on our heart. This caused me to think about other things which we do not ask God for and as a result, we flounder about, living a defeated life, rather than a victorious life in Christ.

Have we asked God to heal wounds that have been inflicted upon our heart or do we carefully nurse those wounds and even, dare I say it, proudlyexhibit them to anyone who will listen? Do we seek God daily, asking him to help us meet the challenges and temptations that we might face? Do we ask him to help us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let us be a blessing to others that day and not a curse? Do we ask him specifically to direct our path that day, bringing us into contact with people who need to encounter Jesus? Do we pray that God's will be ours and not the other way around? Do we ask God to help us walk in a mannerworthy of the name we bear, a way that brings honor to his name rather than dishonor?

Over the past month, I have been in turmoil about a situation, not knowing quite what to do as what I want to do about it leaves me uneasy. Why? Because even though it is a normal and even probably acceptable response, I am not certain whether it is the right one. At the same time, the opposite response leaves me uneasy as well and I have been making things worse by imagining all sorts of scenarios. Sigh... imagination can be a real blessing but it can also be a curse! So, I've been asking God what to do and I've been met with silence. Sometimes God has to wait awhile until we are ready to actually listen to his response.

Yesterday I realized thatI was asking for the wrong thing. Instead of demanding that God give me a script, a plan of action on how to handle a situation that may or may not occur, I need to be asking him for something else. My prayer needs to be Psalm 19:14 which ironically is the very first Bible verse I ever memorized and was taught to me by my grandmother when I was but a toddler. She taught it to all of her grandchildren.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, OLord, my strength, and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14 (KJV)

What would happen if I asked for this daily? What would happen if every Christian asked for this daily?

I was also reminded that James 1:5 tells us that if we lack wisdom, we are to ask God for it. How often do we ask, I mean really askGod to give us wisdom in regards to handling a situation rather than asking for a script?

My prayer sounded right but I was asking for the wrong thing. God wanted to give me something far greater than merely deal with one particular situation. He wanted me to ask him to make all my words and thoughts acceptable to him and he wanted me to ask him for wisdom daily.

That's it. I don't need a script. I do not need a detailed outline or summary of God's plan. I simply need to start out my day asking God to equip me with these things... and he will do the rest.



John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful - thank you Lord to assisting 'K' in her dilemma for your timing is so wonderful.

Nancy Stank @nancystank ·

"Sigh... imagination can be a real blessing but it can also be a curse!" Isn't this the truth. I cannot tell you how often my imagination has gone off on a wild tangent about upcoming situation only to have the situation come and go without any issues!

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