What's In A Name?

A name is a very personal thing. People like to be recognized by their name. People don't like to have their name spelled wrong. My name can be spelled with a C or a K and believe me, since childhood I just don't like it when it is spelled with a K. Whenever people ask me if its with a C or a K, I usually find out they have someone in their life with the same name as mine and they know that for some reason you need to get this part right!:wink:

My son learned the importance of his name. His name is Daniel. He used to go by Danny or Dan but then one day, as a teenager he learned that the "el" in his name referred to God. He also learned the meaning of his name. The meaning of his name is "God is my judge." When he was 15, he decided to start going by Daniel. I remember there was a time when he was having quite a struggle. I happened to suddenly say, "Say your name!" He looked at me somewhat puzzled. I told him to say "My name is Daniel." He said it and than looked at me. "What does your name mean?" I asked. The light dawned in his eyes. He suddenly said "My name is Daniel and God is my judge. Satan is my accuser but he is not my judge." There have been a few times when I heard my son praying in the night. "My name is Daniel, God is my judge!" Then the victory would come as he was falling before the feet of God who was and is his judge.

I thought about this story earlier this evening. What is your name? I'm not talking about your given name at birth. I'm talking about what is your name and my name? We are called "Christians". This word get thrown around quite easily now but where does it come from and what does it mean? The word from which our English word Christian comes from was first applied to believers in Antioch. What is the meaning of this name? It means: to belong to Christ. A christian no longer belongs to himself/herself. Now they belong to Christ. This also can be translated as a follower of Christ.

If we belong to Christ, then we need to live in a way that reflects his ownership over us. :reading:Am I living like I belong to Christ or am I living like I belong to myself?

May we all live like we belong to Christ! :heart:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I have also heard it taught that the "Christian" came from the believers talking about "Christ in" them. Either way; belonging to Christ or Christ in, we should all be proud to be called "Christians" in whatever town we live in.
Thanks for the Good Word today.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

My name can also be spelt 2 different ways. It can be an annoyance when people spell it wrong. I enjoy the way you explained about the meaning of a name. When my husband wanted to name our second son David which means beloved I agreed with one request. NEVER call him Davey. He has always been David, beloved.
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