What's That Smell?

When I taught in the public school system, I worked in what was known as a "fragrance-free zone". Personally, for the most part I have never been bothered by most fragrances. However, there are a number of people who are sensitive towards them. What is a very sweet and delightful fragrance to some people makes other people sick.

I adore the smell of roses. There is a little florist shop in town that sells lovely and very inexpensive roses so sometimes my husband will stop by and buy me a dozen roses. He always likes to pretend he didn't buy them and does not know what I am getting all excited about. Roses? No, he knows nothing about any roses. There are roses wrapped up in paper on the table? Where? Why, someone must have slipped into the house and left them there by mistake. Well, he figures I might as well get a vase and put them into some water so they will be nice and fresh when their rightful owner returns, LOL!

One of my aunts, however, has to settle for fake roses. The scent of roses which is so sweet and lovely to me makes her very ill. It is the exact same fragrance but we have very different responses to the smell.

What sort of fragrance does your life let off? Is it a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God? A fragrance that is different from that of the world? A fragrance that is repulsive to the enemy? Or does our fragrance match the fragrance of this world; a fragrance that delights the enemy?

I want my life to be a Christ-like fragrance! How about you?


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Very very good indeed.

personally I love roses but I can't abide the fragrance of them.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Another good one. I hope it is true about my fragrance in heaven , because here on earth, people rarely tell me, " Boy, you really smell good!" - bibleguy64

Valarie Quick @secondrider ·

I really like this, Princess! I do so hope my aroma is pleasing to Him!

shalom! secondrider

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Excellent blog ... thank you so much for sharing .. god bless you and family.. keep posting..


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