When Danger Is Unseen...

Today, as I was about to venture off yet again, I stopped suddenly with my keys in hand. I suddenly remembered The Incident. Sigh...
Let me explain. Last night as I happily started up my car to pick up some things at the store, something unusual happened. The coolant light came on and stayed on. Gulp! Even a mechanical illiterate such as myself knew this should not be happening. I turned off the engine and flagged my husband who was just walking down our street. I explained my situation, turned on the car to show him and... the warning light flickered and went out. Can I hear shouts of affirmation from all of the wives who are reading this? Of course it went out for there was a man watching it! Sigh.

It was late and getting dark. He wasn't going to look at it now. He would look first thing in the morning. Yes, I could go to the grocery store provided I kept my eye on the temperature gauge at all times, stopped if it moved past a certain point and did not, he repeated did not go anywhere else. He made his point and I completed my journey without anymore excitement.

When he left in the morning, I was asleep, naturally. He leaves at the crack of dawn and I on the other hand am on summer break. Sigh.
Without me to remind him, he forgot. Hmm... some of you husbands are looking a bit sanctimonious right now. Maybe I should poll your wives and see how many of them would say that you would forget too if they weren't there to remind you! :wink: The man is only human, you know. He forgot.

I could of course, carefully drive a mile to a gas station and get some coolant. I did know where to put it at least. However, in the back of my mind I vaguely remembered another such Incident last fall. I couldn't remember for sure.

What's that? No! I am not getting old! I had, well... I had this little brain incident... okay a BIG brain incident last January and as a result my memory is not entirely trustworthy. Give me a break, people!

That's when I remembered I needed to get my free oil change at the dealership. I could have them take a look at things, just to make sure there was nothing else wrong other than low coolant. I pulled in to the garage and mentioned my other problem. They would take a look.

Fifteen minutes later, a mechanic was at my elbow. There were no leaks... just a tad bit low on coolant but...
Uh-oh. I did not like the sound of that. My serpentine belt was bad; very bad. In fact, it was just about to break. If that happened while I was driving everything would come to a sudden standstill. :eek: Gulp!

An hour later and a few dollars lighter, I was on my way again. As I drove, I reflected on how I had been unaware that I was in danger of being stranded. Then a little warning signal, totally unrelated to the real danger, caught my attention. I could have ignored it but I didn't... well I did but not for very long, LOL!

I brought the warning signal to someone who could check it out and he found and pointed out to me that I was indeed in danger. Now, with the danger revealed, I could choose to do something about it. I could take my chances hoping the belt wouldn't break or I could take steps to fix it. I fixed it.

In this life we often encounter dangers unseen. Thankfully, nothing is unseen by God and when we walk with our hand in His we can be confident that we will safely arrive at our destination... our heavenly home!


K :princess:

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Awesome! We are always in His care! I can relate to the memory thing when I got my pelvis dislocated and hips smashed and bonked on my head 7 years ago. Thanks for the incite and the bug report! God Bless you! Dave Keep on a preachin'!!!!


You know you can get plastic surgery for a bad belt, they can do wonders these days :wink:

And I fully understand the part about husbands needing to be reminded of things. Ok, maybe in my house its the other way round BUT i do understand.

Glad you got sorted, and love the reminder to keep my Hand in Gods hand.

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