When The Dream Becomes A Nightmare

When I heard the news, I remembered the last post I had seen from her on Facebook. For months she had been posting updates and pictures as the date drew nearer for her little girl to be born. Her last check-up showed everything was well. The baby was in position and her due date was in two days, the maternal grandfather's birthday. 

Her parents. The grandparents. They were the same age as me and my husband and in fact, had been married just three months longer than us. They had showed up one day at the tiny church we attended, a church that was primarily made up of a few twenty-something couples. Her mom was the first in our "group" to have a baby but the rest of us quickly followed. I remember when her daddy called, shouting out the good news. "We have a daughter!"

They moved to another community after a few years but we would see them from time to time at church district events. Then a marriage fell apart and they moved on. 

I wept the other day as I read through her posts. They were so full of hope and anticipation for the little girl who was due to arrive on December 22nd. Then the dream turned into a nightmare.

On the day she was due to arrive, an emergency c-section had to be performed. They nearly lost the mother and while the baby survived the delivery, they knew she was not long for this world. There was nothing to be done except give the grieving parents and family a chance to say their goodbye's to the little girl who stepped into their lives for a brief time before she was gone.

The funeral was today. I wanted to attend the funeral even though it was several hours away but I have been sick for the past couple of days so we had to be content with sending a message instead. 

A few days ago, a grief-stricken mother posted the question we have all asked at one time or another. "Why God, why?"

It is the question that has echoed down through the ages and it is a question we will continue to ask until "The Morning", that glorious morning dawns and God will wipe away our tears and say, "Well done and welcome home!"

Beth M @blest ·

Yes. It is. Why, God Why? HOw many times I have shouted that at the sky. How many times I cry that cry. I will pray for your friends. Nothing will help. Nothing will make it better. But it is good to have hugs. And to know people care.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I am without words. My very soul aches for them.

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