When We Can't Pray...

As I read a blog today by @spaulphil entitled You're In Good Hands I was reminded of a time when I was completely helpless; not just in body but in my mind as well. Due to a ruptured brain aneurysm, everything except those functions necessary to keep me alive, pretty much came to a screeching halt. I was only processing information when it was absolutely necessary and the responses I did make for the most part, including my speech, was simply robotic. "I" was shoved out of the way as my body went into red alert mode at a level it had never had to go into before.

Though I had no idea of what was happening to me, did not "feel" anything physically, mentally or emotionally, I did abruptly get a sense that perhaps I should pray. I didn't know what for or what about but prayer was always good, right?

As I attempted to form the words in my mind, something very curious happened. Nothing happened. By that I mean, no words formed even as I made a feeble attempt to put them together. This is a very difficult thing to explain because typically there is a lot of activity going on in our minds. Oh, we've learned to filter it out but if you sit around quietly for a bit you will become aware of how this thought and than that idea flashes through your brain. When it ceases to do that... believe me, you will notice something is different.

I couldn't pray...

I'm not talking about simply praying out loud. I'm talking about that I was physically and mentally incapable of forming words of any type. Nothing happened.

In that moment, something else happened which I will never forget. I abruptly became aware of the presence of God at a level I had never experienced before. No, there weren't colored lights, shining angels, cathedral music or anything like that. There were none of the "exciting experiences" people like to read about when someone has been caught between life and death. I am not denying that people do not have those experiences. I am just simply telling my experience.

I didn't experience any of those things but I will tell you what I did experience. Broken in body and mind, unaware of things around me for the most part and unable to communicate; God stepped down to where I was and enveloped me in His presence. Oh, I'd experienced the presence of God before on numerous occasions but nothing like this and He breathed words over me, "I am with you." When this happened I suddenly became aware that though I was helpless, though I could not even pray in my thoughts... I had an Intercessor, the Holy Spirit.

There are times in our lives when we do not know how to pray. We may feel repressed by the burden of thoughts which crowd into our minds, screaming for attention, distracting us from God. Other times, we may experience helplessness. We want to pray, we need to pray but we simply seem incapable of doing so.

Take heart for even though we may not be able to express ourselves, the Holy Spirit is able to discern even the inaudible cry our heart... and He makes intercession on our behalf.


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

K :princess:
You have no idea how much I needed this reminder today.
Thank you


Wonderful reminder of the unfailing love of our Heavenly Father, K. Thanks for the personalization of an important message.

His mercies are new every morning (and frequently, while we sleep!).


Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

You are true K..This blog inspired me a lot.

Thank you so much dear K for sharing this reminder blog .

"May the good Lord bless and keep you"

Love Tina :flower:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Great blog. very inspiring. - bibleguy64

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