When We Do Not Understand

A few days ago I learned of two people who were in critical condition. The first person was my 63 year old cousin who had to be airlifted to a hospital that was about 100 miles from her home due to a brain bleed. I got the call shortly after midnight and began to pray. I also sent off some quick messages to friends as well as the prayer team at our church so that they too could lift her up in prayer. The next morning I learned my cousin had suffered a stroke.

She is making progress. Within 24 hours they were talking about moving her out of ICU. She did miss one question on the cognitive test. She wasn't certain what time of day it was and truthfully, if I had gone through what she had just experienced, and had been up all night to boot, I wouldn't know what time of day it was either! She was still unable to move her left arm voluntarily but her arm had straightened and her hand was no longer clenched. It had opened up and was relaxed. They are optimistic about her recover.

Last Thursday an urgent message was posted in a ministers' wives group that I belong to. The seven year old grandson of a pastor had choked on a cashew. Despite the fact that his dad is an EMT and his mother is a nurse, they were unable to extract it and he was rushed to the hospital. It had to be surgically removed but at the hospital they also discovered something else. Two fragments of the cashew had entered one of his lungs.

His prognosis was not good. He had been deprived of oxygen for too long. They nearly lost him several times that night. This child was lifted up in prayer around the world but the next day his family was told that he was brain-dead. They would check him again in 12 hours but little hope was offered. Once again God's people prayed for a miracle.

Time went by and then the family posted a message. He was now with Jesus.

I wept for a child I never knew and uttered that age-old cry, "Why, God?"

The God who touched my cousin, the God who has touched me is fully capable of healing and restoring not just some people but everyone. So why did one person live while another person did not? I've asked that question before in regards to myself. Why have friends died of cancer while I have been cancer-free for nearly 11 years. Why did I awaken after having a brain aneurysm rupture while other people never do? Why?

Once again, God did not explain to me "the why". He doesn't have to for He is God and He does not answer to me. I answer to Him. What He did tell me was this, "It is not the end of the story yet."

I understood for this is not the first time God has told me this. You and I are locked into the here and now, unable to see what God sees, unable to know what God knows. We demand explanations and yet in all probability we would still be confused and even angry unable to comprehend the answer. Why? Because we are not God.

When I do not understand, I must trust God and remember, the story is not over yet.


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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

There is so much we cant understand concerning events in our lives. What I have come to know is that God was with us then, and God is with us now. I am learning to realise that that is enough for me.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thanks - we walk by faith and the power of Christ


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