When We Fail To Do Our Job

I want to start out this blog by making it very clear that I am blessed to know some incredible brothers in Christ. I am so thankful for them. Often God has used them to teach me and set me straight when my emotions take over and without looking where I am going I start zooming off in the wrong direction. I know first hand what it is to have brothers in Christ physically come up along side me and say, "We've got you covered" and suddenly feel very strong and protected. I am very thankful for godly men.

I do want to write about what I consider to be a very serious problem within the Church as well as within the world. Men and women neglecting the roles God designed them for. The purpose of this blog is not to debate whether or not women should be ministers or even whether or not they should speak in Church. People have strong opinions about these matters and it is not my job to attempt to change their minds about it. That is an issue for one to take up with the Holy Spirit on your own. If He wants you to do something, do it. If He doesn't want you to do it, don't do it. It's simple. Just listen and be obedient.

When I first joined this site, there was a young woman who wrote a blog strongly criticizing women in the ministry. Regardless of one's views on it, I felt it was important to share a situation I know of. My mom's best friend is a single woman who has labored for nearly 30 years in a community on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. It has not been an easy task. So why does she stay? Well, in addition to having a heart for the people, the plain and simple truth is her denomination tried and tried to get a male pastor to go out there but not one of them were willing to go. So... my mom's friend went and she has stayed there ever since.

The response of this young woman after hearing that story was "It would have been better for no one to go rather than for a woman to go."

I find that heartbreaking. I find it heartbreaking that no man would go to this difficult area but then I found it equally heartbreaking that someone would say that it would have been better for NO ONE to go!

I think there have been times innumerable when women took leadership roles when they should not have done so whether it is in the household or the Church. This has happened since Genesis. Society and the Church suffer for it tremendously. And yet, at the same time, the blame cannot entirely be placed upon women. Many men have failed to be leaders in their homes, communities and churches as well. When this has occurred, desperate wives, mothers, sisters and daughters have found themselves thrust in positions were not "designed" for and yet, what choice did they have?

What we as women in the Body of Christ need to do is pray for our men, far more than we do. We need to pray that God helps them and gives them the courage to step out and do the things He has called them to do.

Men, we women need to see you seeking God. When we know you are doing this, we become more confident and secure in the decisions you make.

There is something else though. We need you to be leaders. You see, if you are not going to lead your household... someone else will. Sometimes it will be a reluctant wife who is at her wit's end because you won't lead. Sometimes it will be an "independent" wife who is trying to see how far you will allow her to push you or even a rebellious wife. Sometimes it will be your in-law's, your parents, siblings or even her best friend... or yours. Women in our society are crying out for men who will lead their households.

God made us male and female, equipping us with different strengths and abilities. When we function the way God designed us, there is peace within our homes. Our churches are strengthened and society changes. When we don't, there are broken homes, weak struggling churches and society changes for the worse. May we all do our job.


K :princess: