When We Seek God's Will...

Last week I hung up the phone after talking to my son who lives in another state. He'd been telling me about how the play he is directing was going and then he told me that his wife was considering going for her master's degree. The private Christian school where she was working was willing to pay part of the cost. There was a catch however. After completion there was a stipulation that she would have to remain there for another five years.

While the people in the community are nice enough they really do not see themselves staying there permanently. Both of them were raised in large cities and they are far away from both of their families. They get back her to Minnesota a bit more frequently for it is only seven hours away but my daughter-in-law's family lives even further away. She has only been back home a couple of times since she moved to Nebraska nearly three years ago.

My son asked me to help them pray about what they should do. Should they remain or go elsewhere? It seemed like they should stay for awhile and yet my son understands that just because something may look good or right, doesn't mean it is. I promised I would pray.

On Monday night, my son and his wife prayed about this together. While it seemed clear what they were going to do next year, they didn't want it to be their plan. They wanted it to be God's plan!

Afterward, his wife told him that she felt he should start checking out jobs in his field (theater) and just see what was out there. They were planning to stay where they were for the next school year at least but still, maybe he should start looking around, just in case.

Less than 24 hours later, the school board met. The decision was made to eliminate the music program at the school in order to cut expenses. My daughter-in-law in the music teacher.

Yesterday morning, my son called us to tell us the news. They are very thankful that her contract actually expires on July 31st so she will still be getting pay over the summer. With no family in the area and very limited prospects for finding a new job in the area, my son told me they have decided it is best for them to return to Minnesota. There is family here and very close friends. They both have connections here (she lived here for four years attending college). They will be returning to an area of more than two million people and there are more employment opportunities available. My daughter-in-law does have a Minnesota teaching license so even if nothing permanent surfaces by fall, she can sub. The Minneapolis Public Schools district would keep her busy working nearly every day. I have this on good authority. :mrgreen: There are also a number of school districts in the area.

My son will be coming home the end of April while his wife finishes out the school year. Hopefully by the time she is done, he will have obtained work and perhaps even a place for them to live.

It is not what they had planned and yet when we seek to do God's will, when we seek to follow His direction rather than our own, we can be confident and secure. He truly does direct our paths.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. - Proverbs 3:5-6


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Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

It is amazing that the proverb relates exactly to your son's situation. I hope he finds a good job in minnesota. Mt son selected music recording studios as his career, and it is a tough road to follow. He currently is doing well, tho. - bibleguy64