When You Least Expect It

Yesterday afternoon, for a brief period of time, I saw some peeks of sunshine. It was a welcome sight for we'd had a rainy weekend. Come to think about it , we've had an usually cool and wet spring. After an extremely long winter, I am more than ready for some sunshine and warmth. I remember calling out to my husband and telling him that we were finally getting just a tad bit of sun.

I did not know at that time that a deadly tornado was brewing less than an hour away and was about to touch down in the northern part of Minneapolis. My mom, who lives at the southern end of Minneapolis wasn't aware of this either until the storm struck for no sirens sounded to alert either her or my brother of the danger which was just 10 miles away from them.

Hundreds of miles south of me, there was a far deadlier storm which struck Joplin, Missouri. Today, I listened as long-time residents talked about how the loss of familiar landmarks made even getting about on foot difficult. It was as if they had been transported to a strange place in another world.

I know far too well that life can change abruptly in an instant without any warning whatsoever. However, I am reminded that God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Though our world may be ripped apart, turned upside down and shaken, we do not need to fear for we can be confident that we are clasped tightly in His hands. I'm so glad I am, aren't you?


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