When Your True Self Is Revealed

Today, my second graders began to learn about why leaves change color. They learned a few new vocabulary words such as chlorophyll, tanin and dormant. They learned that leaves produce sugar which provides food for trees during the spring and summer. They also learned the yellow, orange and brown in leaves is caused by a pigment called carotenoid. This is the same pigment which gives us yellow bananas, orange carrots and so on. It has been present in the leaves all along but you couldn't see it. It was covered by the green produced by chlorophyll.

With the reduction of sunlight, the trees produce less and less chlorophyll thus the green in the leaves begin to fade. As the amount of chlorophyll is reduced the green in the leaves begins to fades and the "true color" emerges.

So often, when we're in a so-called Christian environment, we will appear to be just right. We say all the nice words and do all the nice things. We may even look "just right". However, what happens when you're in a less than desirable environment? What happens if the sun doesn't seem to be shining as brightly and the cold winds begin to blow blow us mercilessly to and fro? When all the trappings are stripped away, what are your "true colors"?


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I love the analogy K!

I think I've got blight!