Wherever I Am, God Is And All Is Well

As I write this I am staring at the music box on my desk which my son and his wife gave me for my 50th birthday last November. I wrote about it nearly a year ago.

When my son and daughter-in-law saw this, they knew it was the perfect gift for me. The pink base along with the pink flowers draped around the silver cross remind me that I am a breast cancer survivor. It reminds me that although I have endured several deadly health conditions over the past four years, the light of those years blots out the darkness.

The words written on that little cross say:
The Light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The Power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is and all is well.

It is true, you know.

So often our relationship with God is conditional on our end. We treat prayer like it is some sort of incantation. If we say the right words, in the right manner than everything will be answered just the way we want it to be. I'm sorry to be so blunt but can anyone please tell me how that differs from witchcraft? Can anyone show me where in the Bible it says that God is subject to our whims and desires? That we are lord over Him?
Isn't this sort of thing exactly what the enemy did? It is not a coincidence that this sort of attitude is prevalent in the Church today. Can't we see what is happening? Yes, there are signs following believers and yes, we may bring our requests before God. I am not denying that. However, does a child always get things what they feel they want or deserve? Is the child the Father? No, a thousand times no!

I'd like you to consider the following scenarios:

  1. There is a woman in a woman's shelter. She barely escaped her abuser with her life. For years, she suffered physical and mental abuse. She has been told how ugly and stupid she is and that no one could ever possibly love her so many times that she believes it. Frightened and in despair, she has thought about taking her own life. No one would care any way. People try to convince her that she is worth something but she is certain they do not understand. These things did not happen to them. They have not been "soiled". Maybe God loves them but her? Where was God when she was enduring all of this pain?

A woman slips in and sits down next to her. She sees the radiant beauty of this woman and cowers down in shame. Softly the woman begins to to share her story, a story of pain and abuse but there is a difference to the story for interwoven in it is a testimony of Jesus, the One who came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free. The first woman listens, scarcely able to believe it. Here was someone like her and yet... God loved them. Perhaps... perhaps God even loves her.

  1. A man hangs his head with shame. He has lost his job, lost his home and even lost his family. He prayed that God would rescue him, that God would make everything better but here he is, in a homeless shelter. How could God have abandoned him? Why didn't He answer his prayers?
    As he looks around the room where he is standing in line for some hot soup, he notices the looks of hopelessness and loneliness around him. He sees people who are in bondage and in despair and he realizes, he has a treasure to share with them.

Numerous people have come before, trying to share the Good News but there is something different about this man. You see, after sharing the Gospel, he doesn't walk back to his expensive car and drive away to his nice house. No, he stays right there at their side. He is one of them. He is one of them and yet he has such joy and peace. What is his secret? They want to know!

  1. A woman is dying of cancer. Visitors come and go. They mean well and they are welcome but suddenly, a fellow cancer survivor appears. The woman cries out. She feebly reaches out her hands toward the cancer survivor. The two of them grasp hands and the survivor prays. The dying woman squeezes her hand and says, "I'm glad you're hear. You understand."

In all three of these scenarios, Christians experienced bad situations; abuse, financial ruin, divorce, homelessness and cancer. At the same time, they were able to minister to others facing the same types of problems they faced. They weren't just mouthing the words... they had lived it!

Does this mean God is never going to deliver us? No. What this does mean is that whatever we experience in life, both the good and bad, can be used to glorify God. Whether you are rich or poor, sick or healthy, married, single, or divorced, employed or unemployed, in a "storm" or in safe harbor, in the desert or resting in an oasis... give God the praise and bloom where you are.

Regardless of what you face or "where you live", these things will last for only one brief moment in time compared to eternity. Set your eyes upon Christ and resolve that regardless of your circumstances, good, bad or in-between, you will offer up your live to Him and be a light... wherever you are.


K :princess:

Nikki Brown @nikkibrown ·

I absolutely love this blog! It is so inspirational!
I love the picture, that is a beautiful gift!
Does it say 2 Corinthians 4:16 ?
Thanks so much for sharing!

God bless you!


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